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Buy Asian Men Women Footwear in UK

When we say, Asian Men Women Footwear, it clearly means we’re talking about Indian & Pakistani sandals, shoes, chappal, khussa, sneakers, slippers and Boots. We are known for our styling and our sense of fashion and fad in UK.

Ladies Sandals

Why Choose Asian Men Women Footwear in UK

It is quite a practice of vogue enthusiasts to be part of every ongoing trend, any innovation in clothing practices. When it comes to dressing and wearing, in addition to garments, footwear holds greater importance which we can never surpass. In the foundation of an impeccable wardrobe, a variety of footwear in accordance with every event and occasion is mandatory. We should probably say that a journey of thousand steps begins with nothing but a satisfying pair of shoes. Our outfits and all of our designer wear are of no appeal until they are paired with a picture-perfect pair of shoes. For the finest health, finding comfortable and supporting pairs of ideal shoes are nothing less than a treasure. In today’s age, shoes are not only to cover and protect our feet but they reflect individuality and our social status.

Indian & Pakistani Men Women Chappal UK

We never miss out on any chance to serve you with quality-promised products. We are here with our incomparable chappal collection which is going to add a flair of Asian and Desi spirits to your Eastern outfits. So, you can feel the warmth of your tradition and your homeland living thousands of miles away from your motherland.

Asian Men Women Footwear

At our store, you are served with a preeminent and supreme assemblage of chappals for men in several styles and all crafted from top-class manufacturing material. While stepping up the fad game of men with the Shadi Dress UK chappal collection, how can we forget our worthy female customers? Of course, we cannot and we did not. Along with the elegant chappals for men, we have also brought a versatile assortment of chappals for women, including bundles of various styles.

Peshawari chappals UK

If you are looking for a remarkable pair of Peshawari chappals in the UK, then you have landed on the right page because we are selling the best compilation of Peshawari chappal, kolhapuri chappal and kohati chappal in the UK. These superlative kaptaan chappals are known for the modification in your outlook and the level of luxury and comfort for the feet. In addition to these, we have the matchless conglomeration of kohlapuri chappal for men and the also the unrivalled gathering of Pakistani kohlapuri chappal for ladies. The notable trait of Kohlapuri chappals by Shadi Dress UK is that we have made sure the employment of 100% genuine and natural leather because we provide the best. The other most demanded article at our store is Kohati Chappals known for their minimal and modish style. We are selling the peerless kohati chappal in various designs, from the classical ones to pair with a white kurta to the fancy kohati chappal for men to wear on Eid or Wedding events.

So, whatever style of chappal you are looking for, we are ready to assist you. We are the only brand which is offering a vast range of Pakistani chappal online all over the United Kingdom. You also have the option to treat your fashion taste with Pakistani & Indian chappals for womens, and chappal for men the assortment of which is also available in a variety of magnificent styles and awe-striking designs.

So, get an elite pair of chappals online today!

Khussa Shoe Online UK

Yearning for the motherland and trying to keep the customs and traditions alive while living miles away from your homeland can never be an easy thing. But, the good news is, we always look for an opportunity to provide worthy clients with anything which radiates the warmth of their mother country. For this time, we are here with a refined assemblage of marvelous Khussa shoes in the UK. Khussa is the traditional Punjabi footwear crafted with hands which we have made available for you at our online store in a variety of designs and several vibrant colors. As all the customers, irrespective of gender and age, are tremendously important to us so we have fetched a classical collection of Khussa shoes for men and taking care of ladies’ fashion taste we are also offering well-designed and graceful Khussa shoes for women online at our store.

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It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, a teenager or an adult, a nice pair of Khussa would be the most versatile article of footwear in your wardrobe. One of the most hit-and-demand items out of our whole Khussa shoe collection is black Khussa for ladies because of the decent and imperial outlook it imparts and elevates your casual attires. Another wanted hue of women’s Khussa is none other than regal white Khussa decorated with tilla, mostly preferred by young ladies to style their formal and semi-formal outfits. In addition to these two show-topers, Shadi Dress UK is offering a supreme conglomeration of elite Khussa shoes for females including the simple ones and the special ones embellished with pearls and sequins, available in a range of shades and colors.

Pakistani Clothes Online Canada

We are also offering an attractive assortment of Khussa for men which they can dress with a white kurta. If you are a man with a fancy taste, then do not worry because we have also a royal pair of gold Khussa for you which you can twin with your unparalleled costume at a wedding event. So, what are you waiting for? Place an order and treat yourself with this option of having a matchless Pakistani Khussa in the UK today.

Amazing Women Velvet Shoes by Shadi Dress UK

Here is the list of most demanded ladies’ velvet shoe types;

  • Velvet Flat Shoes
  • Velvet Flat Sandals
  • Velvet Espadrilles
  • Velvet Heeled Sandals
  • Velvet Driving Shoes
  • Velvet Slippers
  • Velvet Boots
  • Velvet Toe Pumps
  • Velvet Sling back pumps
  • Velvet Strap Sandals
  • Velvet Platform Heels
  • Velvet Loafers
  • Wedding Velvet Shoes

Velvet is considered one of the most luxurious fabrics which is known for its richness, long-lasting nature and smooth texture. In old times velvet was used to derive only from silk but today cotton, linen, wool or the amalgam of all is rendered to manufacture the best quality velvet. In addition to garments and furniture, velvet is extensively used in the making of adorable footwear which is primarily hit for its aesthetic and sumptuous vibe. Shadi Dress can neither lag in following the running trends nor in satisfying the demands of precious customers. Consequently, we are offering women’s velvet shoes with bundles of different types and styles but all made from top-quality velvet. Here is a brief description of a few attention-grabbing articles on velvet shoes.

Pakistani wedding dresses USA

Velvet Flat Shoes 

Flat shoes are regarded as the top-tiers of classically styled shoes and if it is textured with velvet, it makes your pair of shoes straight from heaven. Our collection of velvet flat shoes for women covers so many eye-catching colors that can be part of your chic velvet shoe collection flawlessly. The employment of velvet increases the comfort level up for your feet to the mark.

Velvet Flat Sandals 

The velvet flat sandals are in trend due to their casual and easy-to-go appearance. The secret to looking perfect in your short and fitted outfit is to wear a pair of harmlessly modish pair of velvet flat sandals. The best way to style your tank tops and straight jeans is to dress them in funky velvet flat sandals. You are offered a wide range of colorings and styles for choosing the best pair of velvet sandals to brighten up your wardrobe and walk.

Maria B UK

Velvet Espadrilles 

Espadrilles made their comeback into the fashion trends very recently and now are winners for the best summer and spring footwear. Generally, espadrilles are more like casual wear but velvet espadrilles aid you in your ceremonial events like the presence of velvet enhances the majesty and splendor of the shoes. We have bestowed our velvet shoe collection with the most decent and beautiful articles of velvet espadrilles available with a diversity of dyes, designs, and patterns.

Velvet Heeled Sandals 

From teenage girls to adult women, heeled shoes have always been popular because they enhance womanly gait and highlight the figure which in turn makes the appearance appealing and attractive. We have brought velvet heeled sandals to complete your informal attires with the combination of fashion, which is imparted by heels, and chicness for which velvet is present. Got a draped dress? Pair it with similar hued velvet heeled sandals and crash your attire.  

Velvet Driving Shoes 

A combination of sophistication and relaxation with the timeless fashion vibe, velvet driving shoes are proven to be the worthiest addition to your wardrobe. Due to the comfort level, these are the best footwear option for not only driving, as the name tells, but you can style these effortlessly at drink parties or for summer hangouts with pals. If you are going for Shadi Dress velvet driving shoes, here is a quick tip for you; pair them with light lowers like cotton pants or straight denim.

Velvet Slippers 

For every day wear, slippers are a must and main. The comfort level and the extent of ease in velvet slippers cannot be met by any other type of shoes. These velvet slippers are the best option for indoors and carpeted places in your home. A lot of hue selection is waiting for you in our velvet slipper collection.

Velvet Boots

Boots are worn for a lot of reasons; to protect your ankles, to gain height, to get protection from cold and many more. These velvet boots will have all these benefits and in addition to these, much innovation, style, and class have been added with the rendering of velvet material. These velvet heels are available in different heights and lengths of heels; you can select one which suits you the best according to your need. Along with this, a variety of shades, prints, and patterns are also offered at our store.

Baroque UK

Velvet Toe Pumps

One of the most attention-grabbing types of shoes is toe pumps which are loved because of their adorable shape and decent vibe which comes with these. The toe pumps can stand out of all categories of shoes if textured with velvet. They can be your all-time favorite for formal and semi-formal events. We have crafted the most modest and alluring velvet toe pumps in several different colors which are ready to be part of your charming attires. Going to dress up in a long coat? Get a pair of charismatic velvet toe pumps to elevate your look.

Velvet Sling back pumps

Usage of sling back pumps cannot be restrained as they are worn in both informal and official settings. Any official meeting, family gatherings and parties, or a hang out day with friends can be brightened up with the right pair of velvet sling back pumps. All you have to do is to make sure the accurate selection of shade and heel design resonates with your outfit and occasion. Shadi Dress solves this dilemma for you by fetching a wide range of velvet sling back pumps.

Velvet Strap Sandals

Strap sandals are the most comfortable and calming options in flats when it comes to foot care. The embellishment of velvet on these strap sandal not only enhance the elegance and style but also maintain the sense of ease you get while wearing them. Just make sure to dress Shadi Dress velvet strap sandals for a casual day with your plain denim or can also do well with a floral frock on a sunny weekend brunch out with your girl gang.

Velvet Platform Heels

The other famous name for platform heels is “party heels” due to their outstandingly out of the box style. And if these are well-equipped and well-decorated with velvet along with a few pearls on them then no one can say no to these angels. Style these versatile heels with some modish leather pants, or some short silk drape dress and you are ready to grab admiration and awe from every onlooker. Going for Saturday nightclubbing after a hectic week? Adorn your beautiful feet with our signature heels.

Khaadi UK

Velvet Loafers

Loafers are the fundamental of footwear fashion in America to date. These are the lace-less shoes which come with thick and restful soles. No doubt those velvet loafers make their way to both formal and informal events. We have upgraded the fad and class of the loafers for women with the addition of the most luxurious material; the velvet. At our store, you are being offered a range of options to aid you in selecting the best pair of enchanting velvet loafers for your tempting attires.

Wedding Velvet Shoes

Weddings are the holy happenings which are bequeathed with our utmost preparations and provisions. For an occasion like this velvet is perfect as it is the symbol of richness and imperialism. Our fashion gurus brought a wide range of velvet shoes for your big day with which you can conclude your charismatic bridal look. We are also offering fancy wedding heels embellished with velvet and further titivations.

Summing up all the beauty of the velvet footwear, our fashion experts offering the best articles with heterogeneity in shades, patterns, designs and heels, but one characteristic is always persisting which is the utilization of top-quality velvet to ensure your comfort and resilience of these shoes. We assure you a regret-free and best customer experience after ordering you’re the velvet shoes you were longing for from Shadi Dress. 

Asim Jofa UK

Other famous women’s shoe types are;

  1. Ladies Walking Shoes
  2. Ladies Golf Shoes:
  3. Ladies Flat Shoes:
  4. Wide Fitting Ladies’ Shoes
  5. Ladies Deck Shoes
  6. Village Ladies Shoes
  7. Ladies Casual Shoes
  8. Ladies Heel Shoes

Ladies Walking Shoes

Comfortable walking shoes are the top necessity not only for foot care and the maintenance of body posture but for overall physical health. We have designed best performing and ideal quality shoes which are going to be your favorite pair of shoes for walking, running, and other outdoor activities. We have designed these walking shoes considering the mechanics of the body to provide full support to the feet. Here are a few notable categories:

Ladies Golf Shoes

Golf is no longer a masculine thing; now we have pro female golfers in the field for whom we have brought these functional and sober ladies’ golf shoes. Today, such golf shoes are in demand which are packed with a sense of service and can also step up the fashion game of the wearer. For this, Shadi Dress has come up with a remarkable collection of ladies’ golf shoes which are not only pragmatic but also synchronize with the current fashion demands. If you are passionate about golf and your vogue sense at the same time then these all-in-one ladies’ golf shoes by our fashion experts are worth your few bucks.

Ladies Flat Shoes

For ladies, flat shoes are the most preferable type of footwear when it comes to practicality and comfort. These make your long hectic walks easy and less tiring because of their slim and svelte designs. In the women’s flat shoe category Shadi Dress is offering, pumps, sandals, slippers, ballerinas, and others, all of which are super convenient for your long office hours and can also serve you for an unplanned grocery store visit. We have manufactured these chic and trendy flat shoes in a lot of different hues and designs so that you can easily choose the ideal pair for yourself. Here is a free tip from our fad doyens; go for a minimal shade with fewer embellishments on it, this will multiply the decency of your overall outfit.

Noor by Saadia Asad UK

Wide Fitting Ladies Shoes

Feet care is an inevitability for which shoe companies are working on the styles of their shoes. In this case, after doing proper research we have also added wide-fitting ladies’ shoes to their wonderful footwear conglomeration. These wide-fitting shoes are known for saving feet from abnormal squeezing and providing more breathing space to them. A pair of wide-fitting ladies’ shoes by our online store should be part of your shoe collection if you do not want hammertoes and bunions. Along with all these medical gains of wide-fitting shoes, we have designed these in such a manner that they impart a relaxing but a very classical sense to your whole outfit. With the best pair of wide-fitting shoes from our website, you can get a full package of ease and class in various colors, designs, and decorations.

Ladies Deck Shoes

If you are a boating enthusiast or a hunter of lake picnics then you have landed at the right place. To our versatile ladies’ walking shoe range, we have added a collection of this multitalented and flexible type of footwear; ladies’ deck shoes. We’re selling out premium quality deck shoes, or you can call boat shoes, for ladies with a leather finishing. The notable feature of these shoes is that they are water-resistant and highly durable for which you can dress them on a rough day in the woods. To your surprise, as fashion has evolved a lot, nowadays ladies wear deck shoes in their office settings too because they are highly comfy. At our online shop in UK, we serve you with multiple-hued deck shoes out of which you can choose an impeccable match for your outfits. So, what are you waiting for?

Village Ladies Shoes

We always take care of the comfort of our worthy clients and to maintain that commitment we have brought exclusive shoes for village ladies. If you are a lady living or vacationing in a village then these village shoes are perfect for companionship on any day and in any situation. We have come up with an inimitable range of ladies’ shoes for rural settings crafted from the best quality materials which last long. To keep your fashion game high we have upheld the vast range of colors and diversification in style and design which on wearing going to enhance the beauty of your overall look.

Ladies Casual Shoes

Apart from formal settings, we are at your service with our trendy and practicable collection of ladies’ casual shoes. These casual shoes by Shadi Dress are ideal streetwear with which you can attain bundles of comfort and an easy-to-go vibe. Our casual shoe conglomeration for ladies also holds active wear all of which is made up of premium quality materials. We have manufactured the whole assembly in a user-friendly manner so that you feel comfortable while styling them and appealing designs which satisfy the requirements of ongoing fashion trends. A perfectly selected pair of casual shoes from Shadi Dress can go well with your everyday attire and there is no addition to the wardrobe better than this.

Ladies Heel Shoes

The type of ladies’ shoes which never go out of fashion are ladies’ heel shoes; the first and last love of women when it comes to footwear. The heeled shoes make your physique look slimmer and boost your confidence. We have brought a vast range of ladies heel shoes which can assist you at your workplace, some cool articles which are ideal to with you for partying and club nights. Out of our gorgeous heel collection, you can choose a nude one for casual and everyday settings, and a vibrant one to pair with your bold and colorful outfits. You will never regret buying a gorgeous heel from our store.   


We are is offering bundles of different hues and shades out of which you select the ideal one for your attires along with the satisfaction of your fashion taste. From that diversification here are our two signature hues filled with sophistication and class.

Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry

Ladies Navy Shoes

Shadi Dress is at your service with stunning ladies’ navy shoes in a number of styles and designs which on styling are going to add a knack of elegance to your aura. A navy-colored pair of shoes is no doubt one of the most multipurpose sets of footwear as it can be dressed with denim apparel, in casual use, for formal and official settings and whatnot. Here is a free fad tip; buy a pair of navy suede shoes from our website and get a loyal companion for your everyday toil.

Ladies Green Shoes

Green is the hue of growth, rejuvenation, and luxury that is why we have prioritized this majestic color and fetched a whole variety of ladies’ green shoes. You can check out our bevy of green-hued shoes and buy a splendid one which is going to appear flawless with your outfits. It is wonderful how green goes perfectly well with basic colored single-toned attires like all-white or all-black. Moreover, shop for a pair of green golf shoes from our shop and step up your golf and fashion game at the same moment. A set of emerald green heels embellished with silver beautification is the perfect match for your green midi dress and you are ready to stun the onlookers at the upcoming event.   

Ladies Sandals:

Sandals are regarded as one of the most easy-to-go and user-friendly types of Asian men women footwear which people often wear in warm weather so that their feet can be cool and dry. We are providing the most versatile collection of ladies’ sandals packed with several appealing and practical designs. Here are a few notable ones.  

Ladies Wedge Sandals

Often referred to as summer heels, ladies’ wedge sandals is the most demanded type of sandal for those women who are a big fan of heeled shoes. Typically, the ladies’ wedge sandals are heeled and thick at the heel region and comparably thin or flat at the toe part. We are offering ladies wedge sandals in various colors, designs, and patterns. Check out and buy a good pair of wedges from our store and spice up your summer outfits like skirts and jeans. A good pair of wedge shoes can even serve you during office hours with a touch of modishness. We can confidently claim that ladies’ wedge shoes by Shadi Dress are far more comfortable and practical than a high heel or even a flip flop.

Ladies Comfort Sandals

Comfort is the top priority of everyone when it comes to footwear. We have always taken good care of their clients and for this time we are at your service with ladies’ comfort sandals. These sandals are available in many styles like flip flops, slides, high arches, wedges, and many others. At our store a diversification in the hues, designs and patterns on the sandals is available. We have made sure that on going through this versatile conglomeration of ladies’ comfort sandals, you will also find a pair of highly comfy sandals with which you can lighten up your crazy workload and which will also assist you in next block grocery shopping. These amazing ladies’ comfort sandals by Shadi Dress bestow your feet with optimum care and maintenance.

Ladies Leather Sandals UK

Leather is counted as one of the luxurious materials not only for clothing but for shoe making as well. Our experts never disappointed its customers with substandard products; we are here with 100% genuine leather sandals in the UK for ladies. We have gathered such a chic and modish variety of ladies’ leather sandals at our store, which is ready to bless your feet with chasteness and comfort due to the employment of pure leather. A multiplicity of designs and patterns are waiting for you. It is the plus point of leather sandals by our store that with the passage of time, they will mold according to the shape of your feet and will feel customized.

Ladies Summer Sandals

In hot weather, our feet require extra care, attention, and an ideal pair of shoes because we are at risk of cracked heels, athlete’s foot, pain and burning sensation. For this, we’re offering a practicable variety of Ladies Summer Sandals which will take optimum care of your feet as well as embellish your summer outfits with the ongoing styling trends. We have assembled a variety of differently hued sandals; classical, minimal, vibrant, and bold out of which you can choose a decent and graceful pair of summer sandals which synchronize with maximum attires. At our store, you can select your summer sandals in any design which you prefer, according to the demand of your fashion taste and ease of your feet.

Ladies Wide Fit Sandals

Discover the resourceful variety of ladies wide-fit sandals at Shadi Dress and treat yourself to an ideal pair of stylish, attractive, and equitable sandals yourself. Wide-fitting sandals provide an extra edge to your feet and they are particularly known for their level of comfort. We have gathered this diversification not only considering the comfiness of the sandals and the feet width of customers but also the quality of the material used and the ongoing vogue demands. If you are peeking around for a pair of classic nude, minimal, or colorful wide-fitting sandals then there is no place better than Shadi Dress. We have the perfect matches for your beautiful attires, are also ready to cater for your fashion necessities and award your feet with maximum care and security. All the fresh and chic designs of ladies’ wide-fit sandals at our store are ready to be part of your wardrobe, pick your favorite one today!  

Ladies Soft Sandals UK

It is our work commitment that we care for every sort of our customer; the fashion-conscious one, the one who wants perfect matching, the one who is concerned about the quality, and also the one whose feet require extra watchfulness. Shadi Dress has come up with a diverse collection of ladies’ soft sandals in the UK that no one can ignore. During the assemblage of this up-to-the-mark group of ladies soft sandals we have highly focused on the quality and characteristics of the materials used in the manufacturing of this men women footwear, this is why we can confidently claim that you are going to be served with supreme comfort and care. On the secondary level, we have focused on providing our worthy clients with a variety of styles, appealing patterns, eye-catching colors, and details of decoration. On exploring this gorgeous conglomeration available at Shadi Dress you will go through a complete package of coziness, and quality with a bonus of lively colors and designs. So, do not hesitate any longer and pick from this range of ladies’ soft sandals UK packed with elegance.


How we use and utilize colors in our routine and formal attires says a lot about our personality and fad taste. A pair of shoes on your feet has so strong authority that they can define you to others. As you have gone through the diverse variety of ladies’ sandals available at our website in several different colors and shades, designs, and patterns, here are our show-topers.

Ladies Brown Sandals

The brown colored shoes hold universality and these ladies’ brown sandals can be paired perfectly with almost all of your outfits. A plushy pair of brown sandals can assist you on daily basis and can be your compassionate chum for grocery and window shopping on weekends. The classical pair of brown sandals by Shadi Dress can balance out all the bold and bright colors with a magic wand of grace and simplicity. You can step up your style game by pairing your modish brown sandals with your denim pants. A black floral maxi can go hand in hand with your decent brown sandals. Add a touch of class and elegance to your styling sense with this refined collection of ladies’ brown.  

White Leather Ladies Sandals

Leather has always been considered a lavish item to be worn. We are at your service with a stylish assembly of ladies’ white leather sandals. We are selling out these exclusive white leather sandals after assorting these with great concern and caution. You can have these sandals in many different styles embellished with various designs and patterns. You can dress these in leather sandals with your skirts and shorts to look effortlessly stylish and sophisticated.   

Ladies Black Sandals

Who can ignore black sandals? Absolutely no one can. We are here with the most demanded and desired footwear; a charming collection of ladies’ black sandals. These are the all-rounders of all types of sandals because they can doubtlessly go with every outfit hanging in your closet. We have bundles of differently styled black sandals, from flip flops to the wedges, from flats to the heeled ones. All you have to do is to choose the ideal one for you according to your desire and taste, and you are all set to rock the day. Along with the knack of modernism, the classical black sandals assemblage available at our online store carry an utmost sense of comfort and ease.   

These are our most prominent categories of Asian men women footwear, all loaded with sheer fashion, class, hues, and elegance. We assure the clients of 100% best quality shoes at the most reasonable prices delivered at your doorstep. So, give us a chance of serving you with the best conglomeration of ladies’ walking shoes and sandals.

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