Dastaan Collection 24

The three-day wedding extravaganza in the United Kingdom concludes with some super stunning, experimental and traditional Pakistani trends. Asim Jofa has just released its latest Dastaan Collection 24, a perfect amalgamation for wedding festivities. After donning a ready-made Dastaan outfit from the Pakistani versatile fashion brand, you will really shine among the wedding crowd. The label introduced 15+ exquisite outfits in all festive colour schemes and designs, such as Flowy frocks, classy shalwar kameez and embellished maxis. In a nutshell, the Dastaan Collection fused vintage glam with contemporary aesthetics, ensuring every Pakistani girl feels like royalty on her special day. If you are facing any difficulty while purchasing a Dastaan outfit in the UK, scroll down and pick your outfit, as we have stocked a complete collection below:

Dastaan Collection