Buy a perfect gold Pakistani dress online in the UK

Buy a perfect gold Pakistani dress online in the UK

Buy a perfect gold Pakistani dress online in the UK

Gold is a youthful colour palette in Pakistani wedding guest outfits. Desi fashionistas love to don gold Pakistani dresses on formal occasions. It’s all about subtle yet trendy Pakistani luxury fashion—a must-have choice during this wedding season! We love Pakistani clothing brands that keep introducing new red and gold Pakistani bridal dresses! 

Key Considerations for Buying a Perfect Gold Pakistani Dress

Choosing the perfect gold Pakistani wedding dress according to your personality from a huge list of designer outfits can be a laborious task. Here are some valuable tips suggested by our fashion mentors while browning and finding the perfect gold Pakistani dress online in the UK.

  1. Dress design
  2. Designer rating
  3. Embroidery details
  4. Best shade of gold

Dress Design

There is a truth: not all dress designs suit all girls. You need to find which dress code is made for you. It could be a maxi, an Anarkali frock, a stylish shalwar kameez suit, or a wide-leg embroidered sharara suit. But one thing is sure: gold Pakistani dresses look gorgeous in all the dress styles mentioned above. 

Designer Rating

If you start counting Pakistani fashion designers, you can’t, as there are tons of Pakistani clothing brands and a new Pakistani boutique is launched each day. So the most important question is, is every Pakistani clothing brand OK for your wedding wardrobe? No, not at all. You should consider only a few fashion brands while shopping for gold Pakistani wedding dresses.  Here are three of them we highly recommend to you below regarding quality clothing shopping;

Embroidery Details

Almost every Pakistani designer features hand-embroidery work in its collections, even in casual Pakistani lawn suits. The quality and creativity in hand embroidery matter a lot. You must focus on embossed work, thread work, cuts, intricate detailing, floral designs, and most importantly, the finishings (tassels, laces, frills, etc.). If you choose the perfect colour and a perfect dress design but not the perfect hand embroidery, all your efforts will be in vain. So, first and foremost, check out the embroidery work carefully. 

A perfect shade of gold

The gold colour scheme has tons of shades in Pakistani clothes. It’s the best gold shade for luxury apparel, but it is challenging. Here are some top gold shade options for you; take a look;

  • Metallic Gold
  • Golden Brown
  • Antique Gold
  • Golden Yellow
  • Harvest Gold
  • Light Gold 
  • Amber
  • Honey Gold
  • Arabian Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Golden Puppy

different shades of gold

5 Best Gold Pakistani Dresses for You

In this article, we have listed some modern yet cultural golden ensembles that will surely captivate your attention. 

1: Metallic Gold Pakistani Dress

Embroidered Chiffon – AJCE 07

This Metallic Gold Pakistani Dress is the epitome of luxury and grace. It features a luxurious beige peshwas paired with a sage green dupatta. The floor-length dress exudes the essence of royalty and vintage allure, perfect for Pakistani ladies who want a golden, dreamy look. 

The hand-embellishment in this maxi is a tale of timeless elegance. It is intricately crafted with tonal-dyed aari thread that adds unique depth to the design. Adorned with shimmering gold matching sequins, chatta patti, luxury laces, and tassels, it glistens with every move. The creative threadwork in hues of beige, gold, and rust enhances the richness of this desi wear, making it a radiant symbol of regality and elegance.

2: AJMQ 11 by Asim Jofa

Buy a perfect gold Pakistani dress online in the UK

A beautiful sheer beige gold chiffon base is elevated into a breathtaking Peshwas, delicately embellished with stylish hand embroidery. The dress’s hemline features a lavish border, further accentuated by an embellished chiffon dupatta and dyed silk pants. 

Here are some more reasons you should consider this exceptional wedding suit;

Design Details:

  • Front and Back Body: Pairs of embroidered chiffon panels create a cohesive and elegant look.
  • Kali: 18 embroidered kalis on chiffon for both the front and back add depth and dimension.
  • Ghera Border: 3.5 meters of embroidered chiffon border embellishes the hemline, making every step you take a statement.
  • Sleeves: 1 meter of embroidered chiffon with a border ensures that even the smallest details are unforgettable.
  • Dupatta: 2.5 meters of embroidered chiffon elevate the overall ensemble.
  • Trousers: 2.5 meters of dyed cotton silk trousers provide a sleek and comfortable fit.

There is enough fabric in the package, so even if you have a plus-size, feel free to buy this true masterpiece. 

3: Farah – MW24-561 by Maryum N Maria

Embroidered Organza – MW24 561 Skin Farah

Pakistani girls love Maryum N Maria’s creations. So, here is a graceful gold Pakistani dress from this fashion icon. Embrace your bold and daring side with the MW24-561 Farah Luxury Formal ensemble. This stunning Pakistani designer dress effortlessly transforms your wedding wardrobe, making it perfect for any formal occasion. With its luxurious dress style and impeccable hand-embellishments, you’ll be the centre of attention at a wedding party, as this dress is launched exclusively for Pakistani wedding guests and luxury desi fashion enthusiasts who love gold outfits. 

4: Embroidered Net – Whisper 02

Buy a perfect gold Pakistani dress online in the UK

Whisper by Farasha PK is an arctic antique gold Pakistani frock styled with an elegantly embellished dupatta. This classy kali-styled frock is exquisitely detailed with sequence and thread work, along with intricately appliqued signature embroidered patches on the hemline. The dupatta border is also embellished with sequence and thread work, along with beaded tassels on the borders.

Let’s have a quick look at some more features of this fabulous outfit;

  • Embroidered Net Front Panels (6): Each panel is meticulously crafted to create a harmonious and elegant design.
  • Embroidered Net Back Panels (6): Echoing the front’s beauty, ensuring you look stunning from every angle.
  • Embroidered Net Sleeves: Delicate yet impactful, these sleeves add a touch of sophistication to your silhouette.
  • Embroidered Net Sleeves Border (1 Yard): A detail that sets you apart, adding finesse to your arms.
  • Embroidered Front & Back Border (4 Yards): A continuous flow of artisan embroidery embellishing your frock’s edges.

5: DN-01 IMAAN

Buy a perfect gold Pakistani dress online in the UK

Our last pick is a statement-making lengha choli released by one of the best Pakistani clothing brands, Qalamkar PK. The embellished outfit is infused with an antique shade of gold and created using the finest quality masoori and organza. This gold Pakistani dress is adorned with delicate hand embroidery and sequinned work that extends from the gold base fabric. 

Key Features That Set DN-01 IMAAN Apart

  • Bodice Fabric: Luxurious Masoori with intricate Gotta embroidery, designed to make you stand out.
  • Lehenga Fabric: Masoori with 16 embroidered kalli and hand-made Gotta embroidery for an unparalleled look.
  • Dupatta Fabric: Organza with meticulous Gotta embroidery, perfect for adding a touch of royalty.
  • Hand-Made Craftsmanship: Each element of the DN-01 IMAAN is hand-made, making it a true labour of love and skill.

You can buy these gold Pakistani outfits from our Etsy store as well. 

Best place for gold Pakistani dress shopping in the UK

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