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Shop Elegant yet Unique Indian & Pakistani Artificial Jewellery in UK

We always assist our precious customers to stand out of crowd by beautifying them with our outclass products. This time Shadi Dress has come up with a distinctive range of premium quality Indian & pakistani artificial jewelry in UK.

Why Do People Wear Indian or Pakistani Jewellery? 

It is a fact that human beings have always been got attracted to embellishments and jewels, and was always fond of beauty in all the possible ways. It is quite an actuality that Jewellery connects us to individuals to their cultures, no matter whether Eastern or Western Jewellery has always been a significant part of civilizations. Back in the epoch, Jewellery was a symbol of wealth, pride, social class, religion and status, but now along with these indications, Jewellery is an acutely imperative part of fashion, fad, a particular style, dressing, and ongoing trends. We should say that Jewellery is a must and main to every lady who possesses a class and sense of vogue.

What does Shadi Dress offer regarding Indian & Pakistani Artificial Jewellery in United Kingdom? 

Shadi Dress UK, a versatile online store, never misses out on any opportunity which should be availed to protect the demands of worthy clients and to help them become a part of ongoing fashion trends. “Quality and Commitment” has always been our company motive, quality of our products and commitment to our clients.

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Our experts have worked day and night to craft this extensive gamut of Jewellery which has diversity not only in designs and outlooks but also in the materials which have been rendered in their making.

Indian & Pakistani Artificial Jewellery

Types of Indian & Pakistani Jewellery We are Selling in UK

Based on our body parts, Jewellery comes in different shapes and sizes which are equal in their importance. Shadi Dress has made this comprehensive catalogue based on which region of the body has to be adorned. Here you go;

  • Crystal and Pearl Necklaces for Young Ladies
  • Women’s Earring Sets & Drops
  • Designer Bracelets for Women in UK
  • Shop Women’s Rings Online in UK
  • Ladies Cufflinks at the lowest prices

Crystal and Pearl Necklaces for Young Ladies

Like a sleek cord to be worn around the neck, this sort of jewellery is one of the most worn types of Jewellery irrespective of gender. Necklaces come in several styles, designs, and materials. Shadi Dress has brought many different types of necklaces made up of gold, silver, platinum or brass. From heavy necklace for women for formal occasions to the most casual chains with and without the attention-grabbing pendants, you are optioned with a lot. For weddings and other big happenings, we are offering majestic necklaces heavily embellished with exquisite stones and precious pearls.

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Choker necklace, beaded necklaces and minimal neckbands are quite an in fashion among teenage girls nowadays, and another most in-demand necklace by teenage girls is a chain necklace with a name band on it. These and bundles of other attractive and required items are available at our store. Necklets are not only a girl thing, teenage boys and young men also style themselves with attention-grabbing chains, most popular of which are block chains and curb chains. We have manufactured these with pure gold and silver, an option of artificial is also available. Going to the 17th birthday of your nephew? Order this Shadi Dress Curb chain and enjoy best Indian & Pakistani Artificial Jewellery in UK.

Women’s Earring Sets & Drops

Your dressing cannot be completed without a pair of earrings and a pinch of glint. Earrings are to be worn in the ears after getting a piercing. Today, in addition to these purposes, earrings are worn to embellish the facial looks, to conclude the dressing, to pose funky or for purely aesthetic reasons. Shadi Dress has compiled such an extensive collection of earrings which meet all of these criteria or we can say all the fashion needs. From traditional baalis and jhumkas to be worn on cultural happenings like marriage ceremonies to the cool trendy ear studs, from gold hoops to minimal droppers, we have fetched entire earring diversities, not for just ladies but also men.

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We have vast range of pearl earrings, drop earrings, stud earrings, huggie earrings, and other most demanded types of designer earrings. In today’s fad, the top hits for women are studs, dangly earrings, hoops, gold ring earrings, clip-on earrings, and most commonly worn diamond earrings; all of these categories are available at our store. Without any doubt, we assure you that all the materials used in the making process are 100 % genuine.

Designer Bracelets for Women in UK

An article of jewellery worn around the wrist is considered a bracelet. They are equally common among men and women, serving as a main in their styling and sense of fashion. Bracelets tell us about someone’s personality, person, and taste that person holds for outfits and life. These are often carried out as an announcement of relationship status by both men and women. The presence of a bracelet makes the hand of women more appealing and for men; it can be a symbol of power and hold. For all these and many further intentions to style bracelets in your attire, Shadi Dress has brought a wide variety of bracelets, you have selections in all these crafted with pure gold, genuine silver, plush platinum, or embellished with dazzling diamonds. You can buy these for your spouse or spouse-to-be and it will be your best purchase ever.

Among teens, bracelets are very commonly worn as friendship bands to secure their friendships and to feel safe. As a Best Pakistani Boutique in UK of Indian & Pakistani Artificial Jewellery in UK, Shadi Dress covers the needs, demands, and requirements of every gender and age group, so we have fashioned bracelets of every kind for everyone. From luxurious and lavishly produced to casual and trendy bracelets made up of threads and beads. Going to make your relationship official? Buy her a silver bracelet.

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Shop Women’s Rings Online in UK

Rings are another most common jewellery item attired by both males and females for the bundles of various reasons. If we talk about a few most communal reasons to wear rings, on the top of the list will be the decoration and embellishment of hands. Fingers with rings on them appear appealing, adorned, and attractive, and they show that you are concerned for your beauty and manifestation. According to our fashion experts, rings are the most romantic jewellery item as they play their part when you opt for proposing to the love of your life for the marriage or when you ask someone out for a relationship. Rings are considered a symbol of official relationships in many religions around the world. Shadi Dress is here also to aid you in following your culture and traditions along with your essentials of fashion and trends. We are selling an extensive multiplicity of engagement rings, emerald rings, and pearl rings, from best-selling brands and for getting along perfectly with current fashion trends.

When it comes to the material, you need to worry about it because we have designed a heavenly assortment with 24-carat gold, pure silver, and luxurious diamonds which are worth your love commitment. At the Shadi Dress store, casual and basic rings are also served which are picture-perfect for your routine dressing. If you have got the guts to confess your feelings, grab a ring from Shadi Dress now.

Ladies Cufflinks at the lowest prices

The apparent purpose to wear women’s cufflinks is to attach your cuffs but it is not the only advantage of this chic and modish jewellery item. Our attires look more proper, attractive, and done with concern when they reflect class and elegance, and to do these cufflinks are the finest and preeminent selection. For women, cufflinks are the symbol of richness and their absolute taste in vogue.

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Around the 1700s, cufflinks were the staple of only the male wardrobe but today they have become principal for every style-conscious lady’s closet. Fashion experts working for you at Shadi Dress claims that if you dress cufflinks even with your casual shirt, your overall appearance would be classical, proper and established. They are the optimum decoration for your favorite shirt which you wear on your special days. We are offering cufflinks made from lavish metals like gold and silver along with high-quality metals like copper and stainless metals. Our diversification encompasses the minimal cufflinks crafted only with metal and also the sumptuous ones adorned with stones, and pearls of various hues to give a spectacular touch to your attire.

We Sell A Huge Range of Indian & Pakistani Artificial Jewellery Designs at Shadi Dress in UK

As fashion connoisseurs, we are obligated to take care of current trends and all the new additions to style and fad. To succor you for your every look and at all your special events, Shadi Dress brings royal and majestically diversified jewellery articles. The main types are as follows;

  1. Wedding Jewellery for Brides
  2. Classic Indian Kundan Sets Online UK
  3. Shop Genuine Antique Jewellery Online
  4. Shop the world’s largest collection Filigree jewellery
  5. Buy Beaded Jewellery at the Best Price in United Kingdom
  6. Luxury High-End Fashion Jewellery
  7. Handmade Jewellery from London, Manchester, Bradford, Birmingham

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Indian & Pakistani Wedding Jewellery for Brides

Wedding days are one of the most awaited days in any individual’s life, but also for family and friends. For this day, a lot of arrangements are made; each and every thing is to be set up flawlessly, on top of which comes the bride’s costume and jewellery for the big day. It is an imperative part of Asian culture that a bride becomes a bride only when dressed head to toe in embellishments; Henna, intensively decorated attire, and heavy jewellery items.

We have fashioned an imperial and splendid bridal jewellery which is going to synchronize with your bride’s look just without any glitches. Keeping the customs, Shadi Dress has come up with a glorious sixteen article jewellery set known as “Solah Singhar” for you to maintain your traditional bridal look. If you’re living in USA and looking for Pakistani wedding dresses in USA, then go to our USA website. In this, our experts have added the brilliant forehead jewellery typically known as mang tikka, marvelous necklaces including raani haar, brilliant bracelets, bangles, dazzling earrings, nose pins, toe rings, groovy anklets, and so on. We never compromise our product excellence, so for these, we use nothing but pure 24-carat gold. As we all know like other events, clothing and styling trends for brides have also evolved to a great extent and today every bride wants herself in a look she desires for.

Not all the girls want gold; a majority of brides prefer wearing delicate and luxurious diamond bridal jewellery at their wedding ceremonies. Shadi Dress works considerately on the interests and demands of every single client, so our jewellery experts have shaped a remarkable variety of diamonds into awe-inspiring bridal jewellery sets. You can style them immaculately on your Barat day; moreover, they are a seamless purchase for your reception ceremony. Going for silver Lehenga? Buy a breath-taking diamond bridal jewellery set from Shadi Dress.

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Classic Indian Kundan Sets Online UK

The plushest type of gold Indian & Pakistani Jewellery is Kundan jewellery which is known for its manufacturing from 24K pure gold with uncut gemstones and valuable pearls engraved in it. In this category, necklaces crafted from Kundan are the top hit and are preferred in Indian cultural weddings. Kundan jewellery has an antiquity of somewhat 2500 years. Our experts work with utmost care and watchfulness to provide you with the historically beautiful designs which also orchestrate the fashion requirements of today.

For the fashioning of Kundan jewellery, our doyens operate on several sundry rich gems like sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamonds, turquoise, tanzanite, opal, topaz, and many other valuable pearls to fix them in a pure gold base. It is a must for Shadi Dress to serve the valued clients with high-quality Kundan jewellery. We are here to take the best care of your traditional needs as well as the current vogue and jewellery trends. Shopping for a Kundan jewellery set from Shadi Dress will make you bless your ornamental collection without any guilt

Shop Genuine Antique Jewellery Online

Antique items tell us about the story of history; history of fashion, history of making, history of cultures and traditions. When it comes to jewellery, an antique is an attention grabber and a place worthy for you to spend money. Antique jewellery is often confused with vintage jewellery, according to the experts the antique one has to be at least over 100 years old and vintage jewellery can be from some 50 years back. Shadi Dress has brought some majestically outstanding antique jewellery items; bracelets, Pakistani bangles UK, anklets and marvelous forehead jewellery.

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One of the most looked for and demanded antique jewellery item is a necklace. Those were once worn by the queens and princesses mainly of the sub-continent region, who now are beneath the soil of time. We are offering antique items which though you cannot dress every day but it would be an absolutely valuable historical addition to your jewellery collection. Shadi Dress claims with utmost confidence that the patterns and designs of this vintage jewelery can never go out of fashion and are always applauded for their companionship with time. Apart from gold, our diversification of antique jewellery includes items with precious and rare gemstones like emeralds and rubies which are still exquisite to the day. If you are a lover of antiques, then buying antique ornaments from Shadi Dress is going to help you quench your passion for them.

Shop the world’s largest collection of Indian & Pakistani Filigree jewellery

Filigree, as the name extracted from Latin “filum” and “granum”, means “threads” and “grains”, is known for its jointed design of gold sections which are actually connected with gold threads and make delicate patterns quite artistically. For the empty gold made compartments, our professionals utilize many luxurious pearls and valuable gemstones, and the outcome is just a wing. If someone is more a silver enthusiast than gold then here is good news, we do fun with silver too.

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The stones which are to be embellished with gold or silver can be transparent or hued in different shades as per demands by our clients. If you are going for a customary theme on your wedding day, this filigree jewellery by Shadi Dress is a perfect choice as it is going to dress you in such an aura defined by nothing but majesty and magnificence. The styling of our Indian & Pakistani filigree jewellery along with your grand bridal attire on your big day will enhance your bridal look with elegance and a vintage vibe.   

Buy Beaded Jewellery at the Best Price in United Kingdom

Wearing any type of jewellery article say a necklace or a bracelet crafted by joining little beads together through a cord or metal thread is very in-fashion nowadays. Like all the other groups of jewellery, we have created a huge variability in this category as well. At Shadi Dress, manufacturing bead jewellery employing a diversified collection of pearls, and valuable stones is done. We have made several options available for the beads; they can be semi-precious, bone, ceramic, glass, coral, metal, or freshwater. The people concerned about class and sophistication prefer real pearl jewellery which we call “Sachy Moti” for their bead jewellery. In addition to different types of beads used, the selection for colors and patterns is also made existing at our store. You can style this Shadi Dress Pakistani beaded jewellery flawlessly with your casual outfits and can upraise your fashion sense. A beaded necklace if worn with a round neck shirt or blouse highlights your neckline and beauty bone makes your aura tempting. Among teenage girls, beaded bracelets are quite popular for their trendy appearance on wrists. Buy beaded bracelets for your girl gang in any design you want from nowhere but Shadi Dress.

Luxury High-End Fashion Indian Jewellery 

Fashion Jewellery is regarded as the most casual and everyday type of beautification which is not made from gold, silver, or any kind of precious metal. Trash Jewellery and costume Jewellery are other titles for fashion Jewellery. In this classification, Shadi dress has fashioned a lot of items made from brass, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, or often the combo of two base materials.

At our store, all the trendy items are available with the assurance of quality and at very reasonable prices. From cool neck chains to the pendants with names, from knuckle ring sets to stoned rings, from adorable pearled hairpins to the chic bracelets; all are served under the roof of Shadi Dress. Enhance your casual wearing with an addition of some knack from our fashion experts. Shop your desired fashion Jewellery from our store. No matter if your college party or weekend clubbing is coming to your schedule, Shadi Dress is at your service.

Handmade Jewellery from London, Manchester, Bradford, Birmingham

A new trend has been sensed by Shadi Dress fashion spies which is handcrafted Jewellery items. After Pakistan and India, It is getting quite popular in UK among teenagers and young ladies. Our professionals assemble the titivations with thoughtful and creative ideas which is the top-tier characteristic of this handmade Jewellery. Most of the items are crafted from textile and synthetic materials with a base of copper, brass, or stainless steel. We have designed this handmade Jewellery with a multiplicity of colors, designs, styles, and patterns. All this range is to provide our worthy buyers with their demanded ornamental goods. If you are looking for some classical Indian & Pakistani Artificial Jewellery for your everyday trimming, then handmade Jewellery by Shadi Dress is your ideal gear.

All these are our stately categories of Jewellery. We are very confident that you will not be able to leave our website without ordering your wanted set of Jewellery items. We have taken care of quality and all the fashion games for you, proving that there is nothing Shadi Dress can miss out on when it comes to clothing, fad, and best quality production. So, if you are peeking around for your routine Jewellery need, any antique item, or your wedding day, we are here with a promise of delivering the perfect beautifications to your doorstep. No doubt! We are the best at what we do and you will agree with us on this.

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