Motifz PK Ready to Wear Dresses

Buy Motifz Embroidered Schiffli Lawn 3985 Aahma Dress Now 1

Embroidered Schiffli Lawn – 3985 Aahma


Buy Motifz Embroidered Schiffli Lawn 3981 Naz Dress Now 1

Embroidered Schiffli Lawn – 3981 Naz


Embroidered-Schiffli-Lawn-3982 asra by motifz

Embroidered Schiffli Lawn – 3982 asra by motifz


Buy Motifz Embroidered Schiffli Lawn 3980 Lara Dress Now 2

Embroidered Schiffli Lawn – 3980 Lara


Buy Motifz Embroidered Schiffli Lawn 3983 Sibel Dress Now 2

Embroidered Schiffli Lawn – 3983 Sibel


Embroidered Schiffli Lawn - 3978-ayzel-by-motifz

Embroidered Schiffli Lawn – 3978-ayzel-by-motifz


Buy Motifz Embroidered Schiffli Lawn 3979n Arzou Dress Now 3

Embroidered Schiffli Lawn – 3979n Arzou


Buy Motifz Embroidered Schiffli Lawn 3984 Miran Dress Now 1

Embroidered Schiffli Lawn – 3984 Miran


Motifz Embroidered Silk Net 3349 Mustard Dress 2

Embroidered Silk Net – 3349 Mustard


Motifz Embroidered Silk Net 3219 Black 2

Embroidered Silk Net – 3219 Black


Motifz Embroidered Organza 3298 Blue Dress 1

Embroidered Organza – 3298 Blue


Motifz Embroidered Silk Net 2782 Off White 3

Embroidered Silk Net – 2782 Off White


Motifz Embroidered Silk Net 3220 Green Dress 1 1

Embroidered Silk Net – 3220 Green


Embroidered Silk Net - 2777 black by motifz

Embroidered Silk Net – 2777 black by motifz


Elevating Pakistani Fashion: Motifz PK – Where Art Meets Innovation

Motifz PK is a top-tier Pakistani clothing brand that has made a name in the fashion industry with its stunning original designs. At this fashion house, the art of fashion is taken to a new level. Their expertise has evolved to create the most innovative and aesthetic designs that perfectly amalgamate colours, needles, and thread. The brand’s mission is to surpass the elite expectations of its valued customers by providing them with an aura of exclusivity exemplified in the development of its designer brand.

The brand equity of this Pakistani designer clothes house demands high profiling, which is why the designer outlets of the designer brand backed by Elite Embroideries cater to all the diversified segments of society, constituting various strata of classes. For over a decade now, Elite Embroideries has striven to develop its market niche of clientele.

This niche of clientele is serviced with products suitable to wear in different societal norms under the brand name Motifz PK. These products can be custom-made and tailored to suit the needs of individual clients, be they formal, semi-formal, or even casual.

Elite Embroideries: A Legacy of Quality and Innovation in Pakistan

Motifz PK’s parent company, Elite Embroideries, has over 20 years of commitment to providing the utmost quality products. They take enormous pride in their customer base increasing rapidly. Elite Embroideries is the major player in Pakistan’s embroidery and processing industry.

Their constructed area of over two hundred thousand square feet is built in a beautiful, serene lawn of artistic geometry, an exquisitely designed admin block, and an awe-inspiring atmosphere conducive to creativity and innovation.

Motifz PK’s installed capacity includes several embroidery machines with different heads and specifications, allowing simultaneous application of up to fifteen embroidery thread colours, digital printing machines and related setups, simultaneous application of up to sixteen million colours, and renowned stitching machines and related equipment.

Their state-of-the-art installed machinery and dedicated workforce offer diversity in design, consummating with appropriate colouring. Elite Embroideries is Pakistan’s leading embroidery and digital printing unit, which can fulfil all kinds of small, medium, and large orders.

The Art of Originality: Exclusivity and Perfection at Motifz UK

Motifz UK is fully equipped with the most modern designs and punching systems. It can meet the most stringent requirements in design and adapt to different colour ways to meet the requirements of each client. Their design team visits major international exhibitions to keep abreast of current market trends and ever-changing fashion and styles.

The art of originality has been the backbone of maintaining an aura of exclusivity in Motifz PK’s designer outlets. Their designs are well crafted and engineered harmoniously with unique colouring, hues, and sequenced, embroidered contours.

Stringent quality control is ensured at the preliminary processing stage in Motifz PK’s production. The most advanced testing machines employ a quality control mechanism for procuring the highest quality fabrics and materials.

Computer-aided colour matching is employed, ensuring a perfection of 99.5%. All accessories are keenly dyed to the required colour shades, and their skilled and dedicated workforce strives to achieve perfection in the embroidery and printing work and bring out the best in men and machines. Motifz PK’s concept and combination of colours are unique and in step with time.

Quality Control and Customer Satisfaction at Motifz PK

At the finishing and packing stage, strict quality control is maintained, and computerized testing is employed for the density of cloth and the fastness of colours. No stone is left unturned at this all-important stage, where the minute defect is keenly detected and taken care of as per the stringent norms evolved.

Their dedicated quality controllers inspect goods at different stages to maintain international standards, the ultimate goal being customer satisfaction. The state-of-the-art straighteners and calendars are installed to achieve the appropriate finishing required by respective clients. Care is taken to ensure the safe shipment of goods to their client’s doors, and all packing instructions and norms are adhered to ensure safe and timely delivery.

Motifz PK strives to curate an incredibly inclusive workplace with equal opportunity to grow for everyone regardless of gender, ethnicity, or race. They focus on being one team and conduct regular team-building exercises. They believe in their people and attribute all their achievements to them. Their organizational culture is open-minded, inviting conversation and criticism from anyone and everyone working with them.

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