Top 5 Pakistani Long Dresses That Will Make You a Fashion Icon in the UK

Top 5 Pakistani Long Dresses

What is a Pakistani Long Dress?

When we say long dress, we clearly mean a floor-length, flowy outfit. It can be a maxi suit or a striking lehenga choli. Pakistani Long dresses exude femininity and provide a chic edge, giving you a gorgeous yet striking look and feel.

Best occasions to choose long Pakistani outfit

You can attend multiple events with an embroidered, long, flowy Pakistani suit. Here are some of the perfect occasions we enlisted for you below; take a look at them;

  • Pakistani weddings
  • Family gatherings
  • Eid Festivals
  • Family Gatherings

Pakistani Weddings

Pakistani ladies always remember their cultural values and traditional apparel in the UK. Therefore, they opt for a luxury Pakistani bridal dress with various delicate hand-embroidery and refined cuts that are both traditional and modern. And on the big day, we can’t choose a short shirt or a classic shalwar. Girls love to wear Pakistani long dresses on their big day, and there is no better option than these floor-length outfits. Many Pakistani fashion houses are selling long Pakistani bridal dresses in the UK. Here are three of them;

Maria B

Maria B always ups the ante with each Pakistani wedding or bridal ensemble they release. The fashion label’s wedding wear collection features delicately embroidered Pakistani long dresses.

Zara Shahajahan

Zara Shahjahan is the label that sets new and unique trends and accentuates feminine grace when it comes to Pakistani long bridal dresses. The brand’s latest volume is all about long maxi and Pakistani lehenga dresses. The suits’ ethereal embroidery techniques will grab your attention instantly.

Mushq PK

Mushq PK always pushes the envelope when it comes to creating unique Pakistani long dresses in the UK that are timeless in elegance. Their creative zardozi work and stunning cuts are a mix of culture and luxury. The brand’s color schemes for long Pakistani outfits are carefully composed to include various eye-catching hue combinations.

Family gatherings

When it comes to family gatherings, choosing a Pakistani long dress is a sensible move. The flowy, lightweight fabric in the floor-length outfit is comfortable yet stylish. It can be a designer Anarkali dress or a printed frock outfit with a unique blend of intricate embroidery, luxurious fabrics, and vibrant colors.

Eid Festivals

When it comes to Eid style, Pakistani stylish girls know how to perfectly glam up their Eid looks in the United Kingdom! These fashionistas wear lovely floor-length long Eid suits. With some oh-so-chic prints and threadworks, these flowy ensembles fit the festival perfectly.

3 top designs in Pakistani long outfits

From Pakistani and Indian celebrities, top female models and some of our favorite fashionistas always bring their A-game to any special day. Here are three top designs in long apparel.

  1. Pakistani maxi dress
  2. Lehenga choli
  3. Long kameez

Pakistani Maxi Dress

Maxi is the queen of Eastern clothes. Pakistani girls always want to emulate a dress code that inspires ladies to be their best selves, and a Pakistani Maxi is the perfect candidate. It’s all about following dreams, and its flowy look leaves its mark with its unique look!

Lehenga Choli

Lehenga cholis are a revered staple of Pakistani fashionistas. What Pakistani ladies love most about them is their flowy, floor-length look. Lehenga cholis allows women to create a signature look that’ll set all kinds of trends!

Long Kameez

The long kameez is the most popular trend in Pakistani fashion. All Pakistani fashion icons are releasing collections of long embroidered kameez with wide-leg trousers. If you love Pakistani long dresses, you will surely love long kameez suits.

5 Pakistani long dresses picked for you by our fashion experts

Our fashion gurus keep sorting some classy and best apparel for you. This time, we have a list of 10 super stunning Pakistani long suits for you. Scroll down and check out the perfect long suits for weddings and other formal occasions.

01: Embroidered Organza – GH-03 by Ghazal

Embroidered Organza – GH-03 by Ghazal

This elegant gown with a front slit features a lush colour scheme of aquatic sea blue with oh-so-creative threadwork. This floor-length maxi dress includes embossed 3D floral hand embroidery on the chest, borders, hemline, and dupatta. The dupatta of this Pakistani long dress features gorgeous frills, an embroidered patch on the borders, and jaal-work with stunning embellishments.

02: Embroidered Net – Tresor Lea

Embroidered Net – Tresor Lea

If you’re a plum lover, then this outfit will make your day simply awesome. This true masterpiece is intricately embellished with the same deep-colored threadwork from top to bottom. The dress is available in two radiating styles, both of which are long dresses. Tresor Lea features hand embroidery in 3D florals on the finest quality net fabric. If you’re looking for a perfect wedding outfit, then keep this dress in your good book.

03: Embroidered Organza – Parinaz

Embroidered Organza – Parinaz

Check out how Ayeza Khan looks dreamy in Parinaz, a superb Pakistani long outfit by Zainab Chottani. What we love most about the Zainab Chottani is its accentuated Eastern femininity and the brand’s freedom to style its overall look to compliment her style aesthetic. This floor-length dress features stylish threadwork, pure fabrics, and hand embellishments with a modern flare.

04: Embroidered Chiffon – AJJJ 02

Top 5 Pakistani Long Dresses

Our 4th pick is a gorgeous Pakistani long dress introduced by Asim Jofa, one of the top Pakistani clothing brands. This pale tea-pink peshwas is where desi fashion meets art, delivering a Pakistani maxi that stands out for its sophisticated hand embroidery and enchanting design. With silver accents woven into the embroidery, this 3-piece Pakistani women’s suit adds a touch of celestial magic, making it perfect for any desi formal occasion in the UK where you aim to captivate hearts and minds.

05: Embroidered Chiffon – AJCE 07

Top 5 Pakistani Long Dresses

Last but certainly not least, we have AJCE-07, another perfect wedding guest dress. The hand embellishments done by Asim Jofa’s designers on AJCE-07 are like chapters in a timeless saga, intricately crafted with tonal-dyed aari thread that adds unparalleled depth and character to the design. The shimmering gold sequins work in sizes that catch the light effortlessly, making you the center of attention.

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Where to buy Pakistani Long Dresses online in UK?

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