5 Must-Have Pakistani Winter Suits to Buy in the UK

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Whenever the freezing winter winds blow our faces, the desi stylish girls of the United Kingdom don’t just bundle up; they grab this golden opportunity to flaunt their winter style in the most elegant way possible. This winter wedding season, Shadi Dress Limited is taking you on a journey through the latest velvet, khaddar and karandi trends in ready-to-wear Pakistani fashion, with an incredible array of 3-piece ready made Pakistani winter suits in UK. Embrace Winter Elegance, our latest collection from top Pakistani fashion labels.

Best fabrics to don in winter wedding season

  1. Velvet
  2. Linen
  3. Khaddar
  4. Warm Shawls

1. Velvet Fabric

Velvet is the thick yet lush fabric to choose to keep yourself warm and classy at weddings and other formal festivities. This year, all Pakistani designers launched their highly coveted velvet collections in 2024. The brands introduced luxe velvet three-piece suits that are perfect for elegant soirees alike! Let’s have a look at three brands who have released their winter 24 volumes.

Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa PK has dropped an incredibly creative Pakistani winter collection of charming embroidered suits on rich, luxe velvets, and we can’t get enough—the brand’s embellishments include chatta patti, sequinned laces, crystal tassels, and threadwork.

Baroque PK

Baroque PK is a renowned Pakistani clothing brand for its ever-so-stylish winter dresses in Pakistan. Baroque uses the finest quality fabrics and sublime embroidery work on chiffon, lawn and Pakistani velvet dresses. The label this year’s edition is super stunning as it consists of classy yet extravagant and lineal attires.

Maria B

Maria B is yet another top Pakistani fashion icon who released its velvet and linen collections of winter dresses in Pakistan. The brand recently launched its velvet and linen edition, which went viral. Whether you’re looking for a classic Pakistani lady’s velvet dress online in the UK or a wrap with a burst of dark colour scheme, this collection is perfect for donning to an intimate wedding soiree- this edit has it all!

2. Linen Fabric

Linen is a fabric that can be used/worn in all seasons. In winter, you can wear embroidered linen outfits. Linen dresses offer a breath of fresh air with their lightweight yet surprisingly insulating properties. The fabric is soft, and it doesn’t catch cold like lawn. 

4. Warm Shawls for Pakistani Ladies

When it comes to winter Dresses in Pakistan, shawls are at the top of the list. The versatility of velvet Pakistani shawls for women is unmatched, as they can be draped in various ways to complement different desi clothes. Whether it is a classic velvet desi shawl styled with an evening Pakistani gown or a simple linen shalwar kameez, Pakistani shawls elevate the overall look.

Dark and Rich Jewel Tones in Pakistani Winter Dresses

Incorporating rich jewel tones in winter wedding outfits, such as lush shades of candy red, navy blue, emerald green, magenta, and sleek blacks, looks breathtakingly beautiful. With each Pakistani fashion designer adding their own unique spin to their ready made Pakistani clothes in UK– there’s definitely something special in our Shadi Dress boutique for every desi girl, whether it’s Maryum N Maria’s luxury winter shawls or Mushq PK’s regal winter frocks. Scroll down and have a look at which winter looks made it to our ultimate lust list this frosty season:

Top 5 Pakistani Winter Suits in UK

We have compiled a list of your most elegant Pakistani winter wear. Take a look at them below;

01: Embroidered Velvet – AJMM-08

Winter Dresses in Pakistan AJJM 08

AJMM 08, a regal and timeless Pakistani winter dress, is made especially for velvet lovers and luxury Pakistani fashion enthusiasts in the UK who love to don the finest quality apparel. The embroidery looks impeccable in maroon, rust, and moss green threadwork, woven with exquisite golden zari work. Every stitch and tassel is a testament to fine desi craftsmanship, creating a visual symphony that is both dramatic and elegant. AJMM 08 is a perfect 3-piece dress for Pakistani ladies who want to make a statement without saying a word.

02: PARI-105 by Mushq PK

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Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this breathtakingly gorgeous three-piece Pakistani ladies suit effortlessly blends cultural values with a contemporary look and feel, making it a must-have for every desi fashion-forward lady.

  • Sophisticated Elegance: Featuring a classic black velvet open slit floor-length gown with detailed hand embellishments, PARI-105 is the perfect choice for desi winter weddings in the UK.
  • Luxurious Comfort: The raw silk trousers provide unparalleled comfort while maintaining an exquisite look.
  • Head-Turning Statement: Perfect for any high-profile event, this Pakistani winter dress ensures that all eyes will be on you.

03: Embroidered Velvet – GOLNAR-104U

Winter Dresses in Pakistan 4

Here is yet another classy Pakistani winter outfit, the GOLNAR-104U. It is a true desi fashion masterpiece that’s impossible to ignore at a big event. It is the perfect option for those preparing for their family’s upcoming wedding party and looking for a stunning fancy velvet dress.

Combining traditional Pakistani hand embroidery with modern cuts and creative finishings, this winter suit is exclusively for the modern Pakistani fashionista who respects their roots while maintaining styles and luxury. The embroidered and sequined borders on the organza, the zari dupatta, and the raw silk trousers blend timeless elegance with contemporary style. It’s the epitome of what’s hot right now in the Pakistani fashion realm while paying homage to classic desi fashion elements.

04: Embroidered Velvet – D6

Winter Dresses in Pakistan 2

This is yet another masterpiece from Pakistani designer winter dresses in the UK. D6 is different from that sort of dress you overlook and go ahead. Designed with Pakistani velvet lovers and luxury desi fashion enthusiasts in mind, this 3-piece outfit is the epitome of luxury and sophistication—an essential addition to any Pakistani winter wardrobe. Here are some reasons why you should consider this attire;

  1. Sequin & Panni Embroidered Velvet Front: The front of this outfit boasts striking sequin and panni embroidery work, creating a dazzling effect that catches the light in all the right ways.
  2. Velvet Back: The sumptuous velvet back adds a touch of royal elegance, offering both comfort and style in one luxurious package.
  3. Sequin & Panni Embroidered Velvet Sleeves: Continue the theme of delicate detailing on the velvet sleeves, making every gesture showcase sophistication.
  4. Dyed Linen Trouser: Balance the lavish top with dyed linen trousers that offer comfort and a sleek silhouette.
  5. Digital Printed Silk Dupatta: A digitally printed silk dupatta ties the outfit together with its artistic flair, adding a modern twist to this dreamy look.

05: Embroidered Velvet UF-427

Winter Dresses in Pakistan 3

If you like black velvet suits, UF-427 is for you! And if you want delicate embroidery on a Winter dress Pakistani, again, this suit is for you! Take your fancy wardrobe to the next level with the Embroidered Velvet UF-427. The black-coloured UF-427 features a sleek, plain velvet shirt that embodies quintessential Eastern allure. The shirt’s front, back, and neckline are adorned with the finest quality organza embroidery—craftsmanship that combines tradition and trendsetting style. It’s an ode to the intricate handiwork that makes high fashion an art form.

Moreover, the sleeves are trimmed with a delicate embroidered velvet border, adding an extra layer of elegance. Then there’s an enchanting desi embroidered dupatta—a masterpiece in its own right. It features stunning organza embroidery and a tailored side border, which completes the look and feel of the dress.

Please note: All above Pakistani winter suits are avaialalbe on our Etsy store.

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