Embroidered Schiffli Lawn – 3982 asra by motifz


Brand: Motifz
Schiffli Lawn Collection 2023
Embroidered Schiffli Lawn


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Motifz brings you a mesmerizing collection of lawn dresses that will leave you feeling pretty and comfortable all day. Our new collection boasts an intricate Schiffli embroidered lawn front that looks stunning. The dyed lawn back adds elegance to the overall dress while ensuring comfort and ease of movement.

Schiffli Embroidered Patch for Front Daman

One of the highlights of our lawn dress collection is the Schiffli embroidered patch specially designed for the front daman. The patch features intricate embroidery that adds an extra layer of dimension and beauty to the dress. The patch design perfectly blends traditional and contemporary styles, making it look stunning for any woman.

Schiffli Embroidered Lawn Sleeves

Another standout feature of our lawn dresses is the Schiffli embroidered lawn sleeves. The sleeves are elegant, stylish, and incredibly comfortable to wear all day. The embroidery on the sleeves is intricate and delicate yet detailed enough to make a statement on its own.

Schiffli Sleeves Embroidered Patch

To add a touch of diversity to our collection 3982 asra by motifz, we have also incorporated Schiffli sleeve embroidered patches into some of our dresses. These patches are unique and stylish and add an edgy touch to the overall look of the dress. It’s a perfect choice for women who want to add something extra to their wardrobe while staying true to their style.

Schiffli Embroidered Khadi Net Dupatta

Our Schiffli embroidered Khadi net dupatta will leave you feeling luxurious for those looking for something extra special and unique. The dupatta is handcrafted with intricate embroidery and a delicious Khadi net fabric that will make you feel like you’re on cloud nine. It’s perfect for women who 3982 asra by motifz crave comfort, elegance, and style.

Schiffli Dupatta Embroidered Pallu Patch

Our collection also features some exquisite Schiffli dupatta embroidered pallu patches. These patches define luxury and elegance, featuring intricate embroidery and an extra layer of bewitching beauty to the already gorgeous dupatta. It’s perfect for those who want to add a touch of grandeur to their wardrobe and stand out from the crowd.

Dyed Cotton Trouser

Completing our lawn dress collection is the dyed cotton trousers. The trouser stands out for its simple design yet incredibly comfortable and versatile style. The dyed cotton fabric is breathable and soft, making it perfect for any season. 3982 asra by motifz It’s ideal for women who want something comfortable to wear all day while still looking fashionable.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for lawn dresses that are gorgeous, elegant, and incredibly comfortable, then look no further than Motifz’s lawn dress collection. Our 3982 asra by motifz is a perfect choice for Pakistani women living in the UK who want to look beautiful, trendy, and stylish. You will find the perfect dress that suits your style with intricate embroidery, luxurious fabrics, and versatile styles. Try it out today, and you won’t be disappointed!