Embroidered Chiffon – 558-Ayat-Hayyat


Brand: Afrozeh
Embroidered Chiffon
Collection: Hayat Collection 2023


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For Pakistani ladies living in the UK, finding traditional yet fashionable clothing that reflects their cultural heritage can be challenging. They want to wear outfits that showcase their roots and personality while keeping up with the latest fashion trends. That’s where the 558-Ayat-Hayyat by Afrozeh comes in – a remarkable collection that blends timeless elegance with contemporary chic.

Inspired by art and heritage, each garment in the Hayat Collection 2023 emanates elegance and beauty, making it a perfect choice for formal events, weddings, and other special occasions. The 558-Ayat-Hayyat is no exception. It’s a gorgeous ensemble that will make any Pakistani lady feel like a queen. Let’s take a closer look at its design and features.

Chiffon Embroidered Panels: 

The 558-Ayat-Hayyat features three exquisite front centre panels, one on the right and one on the left, all meticulously embroidered on chiffon. The embroidery combines traditional and contemporary patterns, creating a unique and visually stunning design. The back is also embroidered on chiffon, adding depth and dimension to the outfit.

Viscose Embroidered Borders: 

The front and back of the 558-Ayat-Hayyat features nine Viscose Embroidered Borders, each carefully crafted to add a touch of luxury. The borders are intricately designed, adding more depth and texture to the outfit. They are also available in rich hues that capture the allure of the present moment, making the garment the epitome of classic sophistication and luxury.

Chiffon Embroidered Sleeves: 

The chiffon embroidered sleeves add more glamour and grace to the 558-Ayat-Hayyat. They showcase the intricate embroidery that is a combination of traditional and contemporary art. The sleeves are light and airy, making them comfortable for any weather. The Viscose Embroidered Sleeves Border and Organza Embroidered Sleeves Border further add more depth and texture to the sleeves.

Cotton Net Embroidered Dupatta:

The Cotton Net Embroidered Dupatta is the finishing touch that completes the 558-Ayat-Hayyat ensemble. The dupatta is light and airy, adding elegance and finesse to the outfit. The Viscose Embroidered Dupatta 4 Side Border and Viscose Embroidered Dupatta Pallu Border showcase the same intricate embroidery as the rest of the garment, making the entire ensemble an actual work of art.

Raw Silk Dyed Trouser: 

The Raw Silk Dyed Trouser is comfortable and stylish. It is a perfect choice for modern Pakistani ladies living in the UK. The Viscose Embroidered Trouser Border adds a touch of luxury, showcasing the same intricate embroidery as the rest of the garment.

In conclusion, the 558-Ayat-Hayyat by Afrozeh is a masterpiece of intricate detailing and artistry. It is perfect for Pakistani ladies living in the UK who want to showcase their cultural heritage while keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Each element of the garment is carefully crafted to bring out the glamour, grace, elegance, and finesse that Pakistani women are known for. So, why try the 558-Ayat-Hayyat and experience the timeless elegance of wearing a work of art?

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