Embroidered Cotton Silk – AJBK-05


Brand: Asim Jofa
Cotton silk
Collection: Bekhudi Luxury Chiffon Collection ’23

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Asim Jofa’s Bekhudi Luxury Chiffon Collection Is an Epitome of Sophistication and Elegance. The AJBK-05 Maxi is an extraordinary work of sophistication and elegance.

Asim Jofa’s brand is synonymous with glamour, sophistication, and elegance. His fashion designer signature style embodies his commitment to quality, while his passion lies in creating outfits specifically for women. Asim Jofa’s AJBK-05 Maxi from his Bekhudi Luxury Chiffon Collection showcases this magnificent floor-length Maxi’s elegance and grace with floral motifs inspired by Pakistani culture and color combinations that pay homage. In this blog, we will closely examine this masterpiece’s exquisite details!

Asim Jofa’s Bekhudi Luxury Chiffon Collection features the AJBK-05 Maxi in Beige and Plum to make any woman look and feel like royalty. Its intricate paisley-inspired motifs showcase Asim Jofa’s exceptional skill and craftsmanship. At the same time, its cotton silk blouse displays exquisite botanical motifs that add sophistication. Finally, its elegant borders adorn its hemline, while sleeves showcase this graced garment for maximum visual impact.

Peshwas have always been beloved dresses that create depth and opulence, as evidenced by their intricately embroidered kalis on chiffon. With this ensemble’s royal borders enhanced with sequins, zari-threadwork embellishments, and Champagne-colored sequinned lace on four side borders, they add another luxury that is hard to find elsewhere.

The entire ensemble comes together beautifully with the accompanying dupatta that lifts it further; its Champagne-colored sequinned lace borders further elevate its elegance – complementing perfectly the beige color of Peshwas.

The trouser of the AJBK-05 Maxi is constructed of dyed wide-width cotton silk. This plain trouser provides an aesthetic balance to its heavily embroidered and patterned upper half, making this dress an excellent choice for formal events like weddings, receptions, and other special celebrations.

Conclusion: Asim Jofa’s Bekhudi Luxury Chiffon Collection showcases Asim’s impeccable attention to detail and dedication to quality with their AJBK-05 Maxi dress from their Bekhudi Collection and this magnificent masterpiece.

It boasts intricate paisley-inspired motifs and extravagantly embellished Kalis that give this gown depth and opulence unrivaled by any other dress on the market today. Its elegant embellishments on top and plain trousers make this an elegant yet sophisticated choice perfect for special events. If you want something elegant, look no further than Asim Jofa. Experience his magical masterpiece today.