Embroidered Paper cotton – AJDA-04


Brand: Asim Jofa
Paper cotton
Collection: Dastaan Collection 2023


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Asim Jofa is renowned for his exquisite and stunning designs that embody grace and luxury, and the AJDA-04 from his Dastaan Collection 2023 is no exception. This outfit is a true masterpiece that weaves a melody of charm and luxe. With its self-thread design and gold zari, the pale marigold yellow is adorned with cupped sequins for added allure. The rhythmic pattern on the front and back of the shirt, along with the grand neckline, makes this outfit a standout piece.

Embroidered Neckline on Organza:

The AJDA-04 features an embroidered neckline on organza that adds a touch of finesse to the entire outfit. The intricate embroidery on the neckline is designed to complement the outfit’s colour palette and give it a regal look.

Embroidered Front and Back on Paper Cotton:

The front and back of the AJDA-04 have been crafted from paper cotton and adorned with exquisite embroidery. The rhythmic pattern on the shirt is a testament to Asim Jofa’s love for symmetry and patterns. The embroidery is done by skilled artisans who have meticulously worked to bring out the beauty of the outfit.

Embroidered Borders for Front and Back Daman on Paper Cotton:

The borders on the front and back daman of the AJDA-04 have been intricately embroidered on paper cotton. This detailing on the borders adds to the overall look of the outfit and makes it a stunning piece to wear on any formal occasion.

Embroidered Sleeves with Border on Paper Cotton:

The sleeves of the AJDA-04 have been embossed with beautiful embroidery, and borders on paper cotton have been added to them. These sleeves are designed to give a puffed look and add regal elegance to the outfit.

Embroidered Border for Chaak on Paper Cotton:

The chaak has also been adorned with an embroidered border on paper cotton, which gives the outfit a dramatic finish and makes it a stunning piece to wear to any wedding or formal event.

Embroidered Dupatta on Chiffon:

The embroidered dupatta on chiffon is the highlight of the AJDA-04. The dupatta adds immense grace to the entire outfit and makes it look more elegant and sophisticated. The chiffon fabric is lightweight and easy to handle. Its soft texture makes it comfortable, while the intricate embroidery work adds to its beauty.

Dyed Wide with Cotton Silk for Trousers:

The trouser of AJDA-04 is dyed wide with cotton silk, which makes it comfortable to wear and gives it a regal look. The wide trouser is the current fashion trend and a perfect fit for Pakistani ladies in the UK who want to stay trendy and fashionable.

A Symphony of Elegance for Pakistani Ladies Living in the UK:

In conclusion, Asim Jofa has proved his mastery in designing and crafting elegant dresses. The AJDA-04 from his Dastaan Collection 2023 is a true symphony of elegance. This outfit is perfect for Pakistani ladies in the UK who want to look stunning and fashionable on formal occasions. It stands out for its intricate embroidery work, beautiful colour palette, and superb attention to detail. This outfit embodies luxury, grace, and sophistication, making heads turn and leaving a lasting impression.