Embroidered Chiffon – AJDA-13


Brand: Asim Jofa
Collection: Dastaan Collection 2023


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Asim Jofa presents an exquisite addition to their Dastaan Collection with AJDA-13, a stunning outfit that transports you to the coastal charm of sandy shores. With the pale coral and beige threadwork, this beige outfit reflects the serenity of the sea. The light gold-cupped sequins add to the tranquillity of this ensemble, making it perfect for peaceful coastal retreats.

Embroidered Center Panel on Chiffon:

The embroidered centre panel on the chiffon is the central attraction of this ensemble. The intricate threadwork is breathtaking, with the pale coral and beige thread intensifying the coastal theme of the outfit. The embroidery is exquisite, and the light gold cupped sequins add to the piece’s elegance.

Embroidered Side Panels on Chiffon:

The embroidered side panels on the chiffon complement the central embroidered panel in every way. With the same threadwork design, the panels create continuity in the outfit. The embroidery on the side panels is lighter, making the central design pop.

Embroidered Chan for Back on Chiffon:

The embroidered chan on the back of the chiffon is a beautiful addition to the outfit. The intricate embroidery continues on the back, giving the dress a fuller look from all angles. The smooth fabric of the chiffon enhances the embroidery’s beauty, making it a must-have for a grand occasion.

Embroidered Sleeves with Border on Chiffon:

The sleeves of AJDA-13 are a work of art. The embroidered designs on the sleeves complement the outfit’s central panel while adding an extra touch of luxury. The border on the sleeves adds to the elegance, making the dress more graceful.

Embroidered Border for Front:

The embroidered border for the front is a continuation of the dress’s beauty. The intricate threadwork adds to the ensemble’s elegance and is a perfect addition to the outfit’s luxury.

Embroidered Border for Back:

The embroidered border for the back is an extension of the central panel, bringing a sense of completeness to the outfit. The detailed embroidery is beautiful and adds to the sea theme of the ensemble.

Embroidered Border for Chaak on Organza:

The embroidered border on chaak is an exquisite addition to this ensemble. The organza fabric gives a textured look to the border, and the embroidery enhances the grandeur of the entire outfit.

Embroidered Dupatta on Chiffon:

AJDA-13’s embroidered dupatta on chiffon is a versatile addition to the luxurious outfit. The beautiful embroidery, pale coral, and beige threadwork continue onto the dupatta, making it the perfect finishing touch for the entire outfit.

Dyed Wide Width Lawn Silk for Trouser:

The dyed wide-width lawn silk trouser is a comfortable addition to the outfit. The soft material complements the luxurious chiffon beautifully, making it perfect for a grand occasion but comfortable to wear throughout the day.

In conclusion, Asim Jofa has outdone itself with AJDA-13, combining luxury and comfort with coastal charm. Pakistani ladies living in the UK can wrap themselves in elegance with this outfit while transporting themselves to the serenity of sandy shores. Every detail, from the centre panel to the embroidered dupatta, is carefully thought out to radiate a calming yet luxurious elegance. Get your hands on this stunning piece from the Dastaan Collection 2023.