Embroidered Self Twill – AJKT-03


Brand: Asim Jofa
Self Twill
Collection: kashmiri Tanka embroidered shawl

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For your Pakistani Wedding Ceremony, Asim Jofa has created the Ultimate Shawl: AJKT-03.

Are you seeking the ideal attire for a Pakistani wedding or festive celebration? Look no further than Asim Jofa’s stunning AJKT-03 shalwar kameez; its exquisite design and craftsmanship will turn heads wherever it goes. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at this breathtaking dress to show why it should be the dress of choice on such an important day!

Starting this ensemble with the kameez is essential; the AJKT-03 features black self-twill fabric with an intricately embroidered shawl on velvet twill that features bunches on organza fabric on its corners as well as four sides, along with intricately embroidered lace edgings. The front of this kameez features embroidery on self-twill fabric. In contrast, its back features exquisite detailing with an organza fabric center bunch adorned with embroidery. Furthermore, its front features two big bunches on either side made up of embroidery on organza fabric. The front and back hemlines feature an embroidered border made from self-twill fabric, while the chaak also boasts an embroidered border. In addition, sleeves feature embroidery on self-till fabric with an embroidered border at the top and bunches on organza fabric for a full effect.

The embellishments on the kameez are truly gorgeous. From shuttle lace and cutwork designs, embroidered patti and small pearls adorning its body to its elegant shuttle tassels and pearls, every embellishment adds to its overall beauty, making this dress ideal for any Pakistani wedding or festive event.

Moving onto the dupatta, this piece features small floral embroidery throughout with an embroidered patti border and cutwork designs on all four sides of it. Furthermore, its black velvet twill fabric adds richness and pairs perfectly with the kameez.

These trousers are crafted from cotton silk fabric and feature a standard width. Their details feature small pearls on the border to add an elegant flair.

Let’s now turn our attention to this outfit’s colour scheme. Black is a timeless, traditional Pakistani colour and adds sophistication and elegance to the overall appearance.


Overall, Asim Jofa’s AJKT-03 shalwar kameez is an ideal choice for any Pakistani wedding or festive event. From its intricate embroidery to its luxurious velvet twill and self-twill fabric layers – each exquisite detail adds another dimension of design that makes this dress truly one of a kind! Combined with a black colour scheme and subtle embellishments, this ensemble is elegant in every aspect – should you be searching for something to make a statement at your next Pakistani event, look no further than Asim Jofa!