Embroidered Slub Raw Silk – AJKT-05


Brand: Asim Jofa
Slub Raw Silk
Collection: kashmiri Tanka embroidered shawl


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Asim Jofa is a household name in fashion. Renowned for their exquisite work and beautiful colour schemes, Asim Jofa has long provided iconic designs to women across South Asia. Now, Asim Jofa’s AJKT-05 collection will continue its reign of wonder by featuring luxurious Kashmiri taanka embroidery brought to life on slub raw silk fabric shalwar kameez sets that feature bold pink and purple colours that are sure to turn heads. This design speaks directly to Asian aesthetics while living here, which means UK residents can purchase authentic Eastern wear straight from Asim Jofa without ever leaving their homes!

Asim Jofa’s Kashmiri Taanka Embroidered Shawl (AJKT-05), designed by Asim Jofa, features an intricate four-sided bordered embroidered woven shawl featuring exquisite Kashmiri Taanka embroidery on luxurious slub raw silk fabric sourced from Sindh. Its four center panel panels, as well as its pair of front side panels on either side of its center panel, feature delicate Kashmiri Taanka work, while two pairs of front side panels with delicate embroidery complete this grand kameez for its perfect finish!

Border and embroidery motif creation on organza fabric by Kashmir artisans has created an exquisite daman. Sleeve embroidery was also performed using raw silk fabric from Kashmir. In contrast, organza was used to craft its motifs on sleeves. Shuttle lace, cutwork designs, embroidered patches, tassels and shuttle laces throughout the kameez, and triangle designs border embroidered sequin patches on its dupatta make Asim Jofa products stand out among their peers.

The AJKT-05 collection boasts beautiful shades of pink and purple – two primary colours for wedding themes in South Asia. The colours have been blended to allow each hue an opportunity to shine without overwhelming the kameez design. Pink and purple-coloured slub raw silk trousers with narrow width and cutwork border coordinate with this look for an elegant finish.

Asim Jofa designed his dupatta with floral motifs throughout its fabric. The four-sided border features sequin patches with tassels and triangle designs to match Asim’s embroidery work in his kameez. Finally, its soft yet sturdy woven fabric construction adds luxury to this unique accessory.

Asim Jofa’s AJKT-05 Collection provides vibrant, luxurious and traditional Pakistani wedding wear and festive wear. Crafted from luxurious slub raw silk fabric that holds embroidery together deftly while providing delicacy and durability that cannot always be found elsewhere, this Asim Jofa collection is ideal for creating sophisticated looks with subtle yet striking patterns.


The AJKT-05 Collection by Asim Jofa is an essential addition to your ethnic wardrobe. Perfect for Pakistani and Indian ladies living in the UK who miss traditional Eastern clothing, its combination of slub raw silk, organza fabric, and Kashmiri taanka embroidery will ensure you stand out at any festive or wedding occasion. Known for his iconic designs, Asim Jofa never ceases to impress us with their groundbreaking styles, such as this collection that showcases an array of colours that make you look and feel beautiful – get your own now so that you look and feel beautiful at any event this wedding season!