Embroidered Chiffon – AJNB-05


Brand: Asim Jofa
Lehenga Fabric:
Dupatta fabric: Chiffon
Collection: Khwab-e-Naubahar 23

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Asim Jofa, the well-known Pakistani fashion designer, has introduced a stunning formal wear collection, including AJNB-05, a perfect combination of elegance and modernity. The intricate embroidery, the delicate fabric, and the fine detailing make it a masterpiece that will catch every woman’s eye.

This article will provide a detailed product description of AJNB-05, explicitly designed for Pakistani ladies living in the UK. From the embroidered front to the dyed raw silk trousers, we have covered every aspect of this breathtaking attire with more details and facts and a lively, trendy, and enthusiastic tone of voice.

Embroidered Front and Back Center Panels with Neckline on Chiffon

AJNB-05 features an exquisitely embroidered front centre panel and a matching back centre panel made of delicate chiffon. Each panel is adorned with intricate patterns and motifs, which are hand-stitched to perfection. The neckline on both centre panels is also embroidered, lending a unique touch to the outfit and proving that Asim Jofa’s attention to detail is exceptional.

Embroidered Side Kali for Front and Back on Chiffon

Another distinguishing feature of AJNB-05 is the embroidered side kali, which has been crafted uniquely for both the front and back. There are three side kalis on each side, making it six. Each kali is embroidered with motifs that complement the overall design of the dress and add more depth and texture to it.

Embroidered Sleeves with Border on Chiffon

The sleeves of AJNB-05 feature similar embroidery to that on the centre and side panels. The length of the sleeves is designed to suit Pakistani fashion, and a delicate border of matching embroidery adorns the cuffs, adding a subtle yet striking contrast that will grab attention.

Embroidered Border for Front and Back Hemline on Chiffon

The hemline of the front and back centre panels of AJNB-05 is adorned with another complementing embroidered border, which adds a touch of grace and charm to the dress. This detail shows how the dress is designed in a traditional and modern way.

Embroidered Border for Chaak on Chiffon

The chalk, another Pakistani detail in the dress, is also enhanced by an embroidered border. The chaak in the dress is in keeping with the rest of the outfit and adds an extra layer of richness to the dress. From the back view, the chalk emphasizes the intricate detailing further.

Embroidered Dupatta on Chiffon with 4 Side Borders

AJNB-05 has an elaborately designed dupatta, which many Pakistani ladies use to cover their heads. The dupatta features four matching borders, all embroidered in intricate patterns that complement the dress’s overall design. The dupatta has a drape that allows it to flow elegantly when the wearer moves.

Dyed Wide-Width Raw Silk Trousers

The trousers for AJNB-05 are made of dyed raw silk, lending more elegance and class to the dress. The raw silk’s colour is expertly chosen to match the overall design of the dress, adding to the outfit’s harmony. The wide width of the trousers enables ease of movement and comfort.

In conclusion, AJNB-05 by Asim Jofa is an excellent formal wear dress designed for Pakistani ladies living in the UK. It is a testament to Jofa’s exceptional design skills. He has catered to Pakistani sensibilities while making the dress contemporary and modern. The embroidery and the details on the dress are breathtakingly beautiful and uncompromisingly meticulous. Pakistani ladies who choose to wear AJNB-05 will undoubtedly be the envy of those around them.