Embroidered Valvet AJV-01


Brand: Asim Jofa
Collection: Valvet collection 2023

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Asim Jofa’s Velvet 2023 collection features this captivating AJV-01 shalwar kameez that will have people turning heads! Crafted with high-quality velvet fabric, its striking appearance will surely turn heads. Perfect for Pakistani weddings or formal events, its intricate embroidery adds a luxurious flair that only Asim Jofa offers.

Details of the Kameez:

 Please enjoy the exquisite embroidery throughout its center panel, side panels, and back. With 52-inch long borders adorned in gorgeous embroidered borders adorning an elegant and refined appearance complemented by plain velvet sleeves to provide balance against such intricate details and create a truly captivating design.

Details of the Dupatta: 

Compliment the elegance of your kameez with a velvet dupatta featuring matching embroidery details to complete its stunning ensemble look. When worn together, these details enhance its overall effect for an eye-catching ensemble!

Details of the Trousers:

These stunning dyed raw silk trousers add color and sophistication to an otherwise simple outfit. Their classic silhouette pairs perfectly with the AJV-01, rounding off its overall appeal.

Color Details of the Colours,

 Step into any event confidently by wearing the AJV-01 shalwar kameez’s rich blue hue with matching trousers and dupatta; this cohesive ensemble exudes calmness and royalty, making it the ideal choice for special events.

Experience ultimate comfort without compromising style with the AJV-01’s luxurious velvet fabric – ideal for colder months while allowing freedom of movement.


 Make an impactful statement at any formal event with the Asim Jofa AJV-01 dress from Asim Jofa! Perfect for Pakistani weddings and any special occasion, its stunning design and luxurious hue are guaranteed to set you apart from the competition.


Make an impression statement at any special event by wearing the elegant and regal Asim Jofa Valvet 2023 collection’s AJV-01 shalwar kameez from Asim Jofa’s Velvet 2023 collection’s Velvet 2023 AJV-01 shalwar kameez, featuring intricate embroidery, luxurious velvet fabric, and chic color choices like this outfit from Asim Jofa’s Velvet 2023 Valvet 2023 Valvet collection’s intricate embroidery, luxurious velvet fabric, and stylish color selection will leave a lasting impression upon viewers of any kind of event, wedding or special occasion this outfit makes sure it goes an impressionable presence!

Whether attending a wedding or a special event, this Asim Jofa AJV-01 shalwar kameez will surely leave an impressive sight! Whether attending any special occasion, this outfit makes an unusual and sophisticated statement of its own! The perfect choice whether attending any special occasion, for a wedding or any special event, this Asim Jofa AJV-01 shalwar kameez is sure to leave an impressive and impressive impression when worn!