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Vasl E Miras 2023

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Launch Your Shine With Alizeh’s Aks Maxi from the Vasl E Miras 2022 Collection.Are you searching for an outfit to make an impression at your next event? Look no further than Alizeh Aks maxi from Vasl E Miras 2022 Collection, which expertly marries classics with modern sensibilities for an irresistibly chic ensemble. Read on to gain all the details on this must-have piece in Alizeh’s wardrobe!

The Aks maxi dress is extended in length and features stunning floral embroidery throughout its body. Embroidered patch and scallop lace add a touch of elegance, while playful tassels on its border provide a playful accent. The u-neck style with pearls at its neckline is unique and sophisticated, while the round neck style on its back adds subtle, understated elegance; see-through sleeves with beautiful embroidery add allure; see-through sleeves feature stunning embroidery that makes this piece suitable for any special event. Its thick embroidered patch and scallop lace make it perfect for twirling and dancing into the night!

The dupatta with the maxi features its distinctive embroidery design with four rows of patch lace embroidery on all four sides. It pairs beautifully with the maxi, adding an extra touch of elegance. All three items work seamlessly together for an effortlessly sophisticated look.The trousers’ minimalistic design allows the maxi dress to take centre stage in this ensemble. Their grey hue makes an impressive combination with the net fabric of the maxi and dupatta and the raw silk material of the trousers – creating a truly eye-catching overall ensemble!

Alizeh’s Vasl E Miras 2022 Collection Is Ideal for Pakistani Wedding and Festive Wear.Pakistan is a land full of culture and tradition, especially regarding fashion. Pakistani dresses have long been in high demand worldwide – including in the UK! One of the best brands for Pakistani wear in this country is Alizeh’s Vasl E Miras 2022 collection, an essential purchase for Pakistani and Indian women living here. Perfect for wedding wear and special events – let’s dive deeper into one of its stand-out pieces – the shalwar kameez!

The Vasl E Miras 2022 shalwar kameez is ideal for anyone who aspires to look both fashionable and traditional. It features floral embroidery on its front and back panels and all along its length – creating an utterly conventional look! Thicker embroidered patches, scalloped laces, and tassels on the border add an exquisite finishing touch to this outfit. The kameez features a V-neck front with crystal tassels for added sparkle; back and sleeveless sleeves; thick embroidered patch with tassels on its border; grey hued kameez, trousers and dupatta fabric, but blue for its dupatta fabric are used.

The dupatta features exquisite embroidery, while its borders echo those of the kameez border. In contrast, trousers are made from raw silk with a simple design and coloured patti on the Pancha; its combination of grey and blue creates a sophisticated yet timeless look perfect for any Pakistani wedding or festive event.

Net fabric in shalwar kameez and dupatta makes for highly comfortable, lightweight, easy-to-carry, matching raw silk trousers. Net is particularly beneficial in hot climates as air can pass freely, keeping wearers cool and comfortable.

This outfit is ideal for any Pakistani wedding or celebratory event, offering comfort while remaining elegant and beautiful. Alizeh’s Vasl E Miras 2022 collection should be on everyone’s shopping list for traditional Pakistani wear in the UK.


Alizeh’s Aks maxi from the Vasl E Miras 2022 Collection is the ideal outfit for any special event. Boasting exquisite floral embroidery, an unconventional U-neck style featuring pearls, scalloped lace trim, and scalloped lace and tassel borders, combined with its striking scalloped lace border, this maxi is sure to turn heads at any special event you attend. Pairing this piece with simple trousers creates an elegant, sophisticated and chic ensemble at any event you follow. Don’t miss out on Alizeh’s Aks maxi!

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