Embroidered Net – Albatross by akbar aslam


Brand: Akbar Aslam
Embroidered Net
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Suppose you’re a Pakistani lady living in the UK. In that case, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for high-quality ethnic wear that reflects your cultural roots while also being stylish, modern, and trendy. And that’s precisely what you get with Albatross. This breathtaking ensemble combines intricate embroidery, hand-embellishments, and a host of stunning features that make it perfect for special occasions, formal events or any time you want to look your best.

Net Embroidered Hand-Embellished Front Panel: 

The front panel of this exquisite outfit features stunning net embroidery that has been painstakingly hand-embellished with intricate embellishments. The result is a beautifully designed piece that draws the eye and captures the essence of Pakistani style and beauty.

Net Embroidered Back Panel: 

The back panel of Albatross is just as gorgeous as the front panel, with stunning net embroidery spread across its surface. This gives the outfit a sense of balance and harmony and ensures you look stunning from every angle.

Organza Embroidered Hand Embellished Front Border:

 The front border of Albatross is made with elegant organza material and features intricate embroidery and hand embellishments. This adds an extra layer of beauty and texture to the outfit and helps it stand out even more.

Organza Embroidered Back Border: 

The back border of the Albatross is also made from organza material and is embroidered with the same level of skill and precision as the front border. This ensures the outfit remains balanced and symmetrical, with no detail overlooked.

Net Embroidered Hand-embellished Front Blouse: 

The blouse with the Albatross goes perfectly with the rest of the outfit. It is made from net material and is beautifully embroidered and hand-embellished with a range of intricate details.

Net Embroidered Back Blouse: 

The back of the blouse is just as beautiful as the front, with its stunning net material and embroidery designs.

Net Embroidered Hand Embellished Sleeve:

 The sleeves of the Albatross are made of net material and feature beautiful embroidery and hand embellishments that perfectly complement the rest of the outfit.

Net Embroidered Dupatta: 

The dupatta that comes with Albatross is made from net material and features stunning embroidery designs that run the length of the fabric. This adds an extra layer of elegance to the ensemble and helps tie the outfit together beautifully.

Organza Embroidered Dupatta Border:

 The first of two dupatta borders is made with organza material and features intricate embroidery that matches the rest of the outfit.

Organza Embroided Another Dupatta Border: The second Dupatta border is also made from organza material and is embroidered in the same intricate style as the first border. Together, these borders help to frame the dupatta and give it even more depth and beauty.

Cotton Silk Inner:

 Finally, the Albatross outfit has a high-quality cotton silk inner that is comfortable to wear and complements the rest of the outfit perfectly.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for high-quality, stylish, and stunning Pakistani ethnic wear that will make you stand out, Albatross by Akbar Aslam is the perfect choice. With its intricate embroidery, hand-embellishments, and exquisite design, this outfit will impress and impact no matter where you wear it.

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