Embroidered Organza – Amari by akbar aslam


Brand: Akbar Aslam
Embroidered Organza 
Collection: FORMALS Collection 2023


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Akbar Aslam has gained quite a name in the fashion industry, especially regarding exquisite bridal wear and formal dresses. Amari by akbar aslam And now, he has launched his latest collection called Amari, which is nothing less than a masterpiece. Each piece is designed with intricate details and features a magnificent blend of organza and grip embroidery, adding glamour and elegance.

Amari by Akbar Aslam – The Embroidered Organza Front and Back

The Amari collection features an organza embroidered front and back that will leave you speechless. The detailing on the front and back is so delicate and intricate that it looks like a piece of art. The embroidery is done in such an elegant way that it makes the dress look rich and royal.

The Grip Embroidered Borders – A Perfect Match

The grip embroidered front and back border adds elegance to the dress. The borders are beautifully coloured, and the detailing is so Amari by akbar aslam precise that they undoubtedly enhance the beauty of the dress. The grip embroidered front and back and second and third borders give the dress depth and add a luxurious feel.

The Organza Embroidered Sleeve – An Elegance to Behold

The organza embroidered sleeve is the star of the dress. The details on the sleeve are extraordinary and simply breathtaking. The embroidery is done so that it complements the dress and adds to its grandeur.

The Organza Embroidered Dupatta – A Match Made in Heaven

The organza embroidered dupatta is a perfect match for the dress. Amari by akbar aslam  The embroidery on the dupatta is beautifully done, and the colours are carefully chosen to complement the dress. The dupatta adds to the elegance of the dress and takes it to new heights.

The Grip Embroidered Dupatta Border and Second Border – Rounding off the Look

The grip embroidered dupatta border and second border are the perfect addition to the dupatta. The embroidery is done so intricately that it looks like a work of art. These borders add an extra dimension to the dupatta and complete the look of the dress.

The Russian Grip Inner and Trouser – The Perfect Combination

The Russian grip inner and trousers are the perfect combination for the dress. The grip embroidery on the inner is done so elegantly that it adds to the beauty of the dress. On the other hand, the trouser is made with the finest quality fabric, which is both soft and comfortable to wear.

In conclusion, the Amari collection by Akbar Aslam is an actual work of art. The collection features the finest embroidery and detailing that is truly remarkable. The collection is perfect for Pakistani ladies living in the UK who want to add a touch of glamour and elegance to their wardrobe.