Pink Anarkali Bridal Dress


Anarkali Frock: Raw silk
Lehenga: Jamawar
Dupatta: Silk Organza


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Anarkali Bridal Dress: The Perfect Choice for Pakistani and Indian Brides in the UK

As you prepare for your big day, your bridal outfit holds a special place in your heart. It’s the day you want to look and feel your best. We understand the importance of this occasion, so we bring you one of the most exquisite bridal dresses – the Pink Anarkali Bridal Dress. It’s an attire that radiates elegance and sophistication while maintaining cultural and traditional roots.

This post will highlight the features that make this piece a perfect fit for a Pakistani and Indian bride living in the UK. We will also explore the embroidery and fabric details, making it a rich and luxurious bridal wear choice.

Embroidery Details

The Pink Anarkali Bridal Dress boasts intricate embroidery details that are works of art. The designers have combined floral and geometric patterns with precision using the zardozi and monkish techniques. Zardozi embroidery is a form of metal thread embroidery that dates back to the Mughal era. It adds a regal touch to the dress while creating a three-dimensional effect. The mokaish embroidery technique is called ‘Badla’ and is primarily used in Punjab and Rajasthan, India. Mokaish is a metallic embroidery technique that draws attention to the smallest detail, making it a perfect combination with zardozi.

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Fabric Details

The fabric of the Pink Anarkali Bridal Dress is of high quality, making it soft, flowy, and comfortable to wear. The raw silk fabric in the Anarkali dress is luscious, giving it an eye-catching shine. Lehenga is made of Jamawar fabric, known for its intricate weaving process, and the silk organza used in the dupatta adds a soft touch, draping over the shoulders effortlessly.

Colour Choice

The colour combination used in this  is striking – a pink Anarkali frock with exquisite maroon embroideries. Pink is a symbolic colour of love, beauty, and femininity. It is a popular choice for bridal outfits as it complements the festive atmosphere of the wedding. The maroon colour used in the embroidery creates a beautiful, pleasing, and eye-catching contrast.

Styling Tips

The Pink Anarkali Bridal Dress is a versatile piece that can be styled in many ways. You can pair it with gold jewellery or Kundan work to accentuate the embellishments and complete the traditional look. A small maang tikka or a beautiful nose ring can also complement the attire. You can experiment with different hairstyles, but a bun or a braid will add elegance to your overall look.

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Why choose Shocking Pink for your big day?

Are you looking for a pop of colour on your big day? Look no further than the stunning shade of Shocking Pink! This bold and vibrant hue Anarkali Bridal Dress is the perfect choice to make a statement and add an element of excitement to your Pink Anarkali Bridal Dress. Do you still need to convince? Let us tell you why Shocking Pink should be your go-to colour for your special day.

  •  Stand out from the traditional white dress with a unique and modern twist.
  •  Pink symbolizes love, romance, and femininity, making it the perfect choice for any bride.
  • It flatters all skin tones, creating a soft and romantic glow.
  •  The vibrant hue will look stunning in photos, making your memories even more beautiful.
  • Shocking Pink pairs well with various complementary colours such as gold, silver, or white, giving you endless options for accessories and décor.
  • Embrace your playful side with this trendy and fun colour choice.
  • Show off your confidence and individuality by choosing a non-traditional colour for your bridal attire.

With Shocking Pink, you can make a bold fashion statement while still looking elegant and graceful on one of the most important days of your life. Don’t be afraid to break tradition; choose this lively and eye-catching colour for your big day. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

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The Pink Anarkali Bridal Dress is a classic and timeless piece that embodies traditional and cultural values while being luxurious and up-to-date. With intricate embroidery details, high-quality fabrics, and a charming colour combination, it is a perfect fit for Pakistani and Indian brides living in the UK. It’s comfortable to wear, versatile to style, and designed to make you shine on your big day. So, if you’re looking for an Pink Anarkali Bridal Dress, the Pink Anarkali Bridal Dress is your answer. Don’t wait any longer; you deserve to look beautiful and radiant on your special day!