Embroidered Krandi – AW23-1A


Brand: Sobia Nazir
Fabric: Krandi
Collection: Autumn Winter 23

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Introduced from Sobia Nazir’s Autumn Winter 23 Collection is the exquisite traditional Pakistani attire known as an AW23-1A Shalwar Kameez, explicitly designed for women who appreciate finer things. Crafted with precision and care for every detail, this timeless masterpiece will turn heads and make a statement!

The Kameez features intricately hand-embroidered Krandi designs on its centre panel, side panels and sleeves – showcasing Sobia Nazir’s skill as an artist. Playful use of tassels and thread lace add an active element, while exquisite border embroidery makes this piece truly outstanding.

Designed for maximum comfort and luxury, the AW23-1A is perfect for long hours of wear. Crafted with soft yet breathable Krandi fabric for a flattering silhouette, its plain dyed Krandi trousers make a stylish yet comfortable ensemble when worn alongside the Kameez.

To complete the look, the AW23-1A comes with a printed woollen shawl made from high-quality Krandi material, featuring stunning designs printed onto its surface and keeping you warm during autumn and winter nights.

Featuring its striking purple hue, the AW23-1A suits any skin tone while adding an extra element of sophistication and style to an ensemble, with matching embroidery and tassels in shades of purple to tie everything together visually.

No matter the event – wedding, party or cultural – this stunning shalwar kameez from Pakistani festive wear is designed to impress and reflect its traditionalism.

Experience traditional Pakistani attire like never before with Sobia Nazir‘s AW23-1A Shalwar Kameez. Crafted with premium-quality Krandi material for maximum comfort and luxury, this dress should be an essential component of your wardrobe – order one today to make a statement and feel great!