Embroidered Cross Slub – AW23-4A


Brand: Sobia Nazir
Fabric: Cross Slub
Collection: Autumn Winter 23

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Sobia Nazir has designed an exquisite Shalwar Kameez dress from her Autumn Winter 23 Collection called the AW23-4A Shalwar Kameez for Pakistani wedding wear, providing both tradition and elegance.

Made with premium cross-slub fabric renowned for its durability and rich texture, this dress was built to stand the test of time. Featuring a beautiful blue hue and intricate Cross Slub Center Panel embroidery as well as Cross Slub Side panels and Sleeves, Border embroidery adds charm while its Plain Dyed Cross Slub Back ensures front embroidery can take centre stage.

The Dupatta is made from printed Cross Slub fabric in the same blue hue as the Kameez and pairs beautifully with its intricately embroidered designs. Elegant yet understated in appearance, its classy yet simple design allows it to be draped elegantly over one’s head or used as a head cover.

Trousers made from Plain Dyed Cross Slub fabric are designed to complement the blue hue of both Kameez and Dupatta, adding grace and sophistication.

The AW23-4A Shalwar Kameez dress is stunning for those who appreciate traditional attire. Its rich blue hue and intricate embroidery add charm. Ideal for Pakistani wedding wear, this sophisticated piece is sure to garner many compliments.

Crafted with exquisite care, this dress was carefully constructed to suit its wearer perfectly and enhance their beauty and confidence. Made of durable cross-slub fabric, it will remain a treasured addition to any wardrobe.

Sobia Nazir‘s AW23-4A Shalwar Kameez dress is an essential choice for those seeking a traditional yet elegant style. Boasting a beautiful blue hue, intricate embroidery details and high-quality fabric construction, this piece makes an impressionful choice for Pakistani wedding wear. Wearable yet comfortable enough to add grace and sophistication to the wearer’s personality, invest in this exquisite piece today to make a lasting style statement!