Embroidered Krandi -AW23-5A


Brand: Sobia Nazir
Fabric: Cross Slub
Collection: Autumn Winter 23


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Sobia Nazir’s AW23-5A collection offers an eye-catching Shalwar Kameez design for Pakistani festive wear. Featuring its standout Peanut hue, this ensemble creates an impressive and unforgettable look.

Crafted with precision, the Kameez is expertly crafted from cross-slub fabric for an impeccable yet comfortable and flattering fit. Renowned for its durability and long-term quality, its body showcases an embroidered Cross Slub centre panel, side panels and sleeves featuring hand embellishments such as Tassels and Samosa Lace to add an air of sophistication. Additionally, its borders have also been embellished for timeless charm.

Complementing its intricate embroidery front and sides, this Shalwar Kameez features a Plain Dyed Cross Slub Back that adds balance and creates an overall cohesive and beautiful ensemble.

To round off this ensemble, the dupatta features Cross Slub fabric for maximum softness against your skin, while its printed Woollen Shawl adds sophistication and grace. Both pieces showcase this designer’s talent for incorporating different materials and textures into her designs.

This pair of trousers features Plain Dyed Cross Slub fabric in Peanut to compliment the Shalwar Kameez perfectly. This combination creates a sophisticated and seamless look suited for formal events.

Designed with quality, the AW23-5A collection ensures long-term wear with minimum maintenance required. Crafted for comfort, durability and breathability – these dresses make an excellent addition to any Pakistani festive event!

This exquisite Peanut Shalwar Kameez ensemble is ideal for weddings, engagements and family events – any formal gathering where women want to look elegant.

Conclusion: Sobia Nazir‘s AW23-5A collection exudes high-quality fabrics, intricate embroidery, and expert craftsmanship. Her Peanut Shalwar Kameez ensemble showcases Sobia Nazir’s ability to craft unique and sophisticated designs; this is an outstanding option for those seeking outfits exuding style, grace, and elegance alike.


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