Embroidered Linen – Beryl Glaze


Brand: Cross Stitch
Collection: Khaddar And Linen Collection 2023
Fabric: Linen
Dupatta Fabric: Marina shawl


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Cross Stitch Khaddar And Linen Collection 2023 proudly introduces the Beryl Glaze Shalwar Kameez! This exquisite ensemble effortlessly marries timeless elegance with contemporary fashion trends. Crafted with the highest-quality linen fabric, its Kameez, Dupatta, and Trouser will provide comfort and style throughout the day!

Kameez Style:

Our stunning Kameez features exquisite printed and embroidered linen fabric, displaying our talented designers’ beautiful artistry. Boasting gorgeous embroidery on its front, sleeves, and back, as well as intricate patterns on its neckline – this Kameez is genuinely breathtaking.

Style Description of Dupatta Style:

This gorgeous printed marina shawl Dupatta features lightweight and draping properties to complete its look, matching beautifully with Kameez to complete its ensemble look. Teal color adds depth to this harmonious ensemble look.

Trouser Style:

Wash-dyed linen trousers make an excellent addition to a Shalwar Kameez ensemble, offering breathability and durability – ideal for Shalwar Kameez wearers!


Our attention to detail is evident here, from exquisite embroidery patches on the Kameez that showcase artwork that truly pops to tassels that add movement and sophistication with every step.


Teal adds depth and sophistication to any look, making a statement in any setting it’s worn in. A versatile shade, it suits everyone and stands out in any situation.


(Lina fabric) This outfit was expertly crafted using only top-grade linen fabric to ensure optimal performance for any season or event. Linen’s lightweight yet breathable properties make it the ideal material to keep cool in hot summer conditions, while its durability ensures long-term use.

Beryl Glaze Shalwar Kameez is an elegant and fashionable ensemble designed to make you stand out. Boasting intricate craftsmanship, high-quality fabrics, and timeless design elements – this must-have addition from Cross Stitch’s Khaddar And Linen Collection 2023 will leave you feeling confident, beautiful, and fashionable wherever life may lead you.