Embroidered Net – Camilla by Tabeer


Brand: Farasha
Fabric: Net
Collection: Tabeer – Wedding Formals 23


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Enter into the world of Farasha’s latest innovative creation, “Camilla by Tabeer,” a manifestation of sheer elegance and artisanal finesse for Pakistani and Indian ladies in the UK. This designer dress is an exquisite amalgamation of traditional artistry and contemporary fashion, crafted to make your wedding formal a momentous occasion.

Elegance In Every Thread – The Camilla Story

The essence of the “Camilla by Tabeer” ensemble is encapsulated in its remarkably intricate design and sophisticated craftsmanship. Each piece of this luxurious attire has been thoughtfully composed to bring forth the rich heritage of South Asian bridal wear while keeping it refreshingly modern for the woman who values both tradition and the present.

A Canvas of Luxury – Exquisite Net Fabric

From the majestic courts of ancient darbars to the modern-day aisles, net fabric has been a bridal favourite for its delicate charm and light-as-air quality. With “Camilla,” Farasha ensures that the net fabric is not just a part of the dress but also of the memories it creates, promising comfort without compromising on the grandiose feel.

Bodice – A Testament to Meticulous Craftsmanship

The embroidered net front and back bodices are adorned with handpicked elements such as tile and sequins, detailed with precision, reflecting a constellation of South Asian motifs brought to life through threadwork. The printed bodice is not just clothing; it’s a canvas where sophistication meets style.

Panels – Weaving Stories of Heritage

The right and left front panels, alongside the front and back panels, all elaborately embroidered, are a tribute to the days of yore when artisans would weave stories into their creations. Each panel flows seamlessly into the other, forming a continuity of elegance that celebrates cultural narratives in textile form.

Lehnga and Borders – The Soul of Elegance

The lehenga, a vital ensemble component, cascades gracefully, embodying poise with every step the bride takes. It is enhanced with an embroidered organza front border, offering structure and definition to the silhouette. The dress’s front and back borders sing the same intricacy song, providing consistent beauty throughout.

Sleeves – Fluttering With Tradition

The net sleeves, embellished with fine embroidery, are akin to the delicate wings of a butterfly, ready to embark on a new journey. The organza sleeve borders are not just finishing touches but a narrative of the meticulous detail “Camilla by Tabeer” stands for.

Dupatta – The Final Embellishment

No South Asian bridal outfit is complete without the dupatta, and with “Camilla,” the embroidered organza dupatta does not disappoint. It crowns the bride, symbolising her dignity, enhancing her aura, and tying the entire look together with its ethereal presence.

Colour Palette – The Sophisticated Grey

Grey is a testament to the balance between old-world charisma and new-age sensibilities. The choice of grey for “Camilla by Tabeer” is a bold statement, promising versatility and compatibility with the various complexions of the Pakistani and Indian brides of the UK.

The Tabeer Collection – Where Dreams Weave Into Reality

“Camilla by Tabeer” is a proud “Tabeer – Wedding Formals 23” collection member. In this line, Farasha has woven dreams into the threads of reality. This collection is representative of the brand’s vision to blend cultural pride with modern-day requirements, ensuring that each bride feels like a queen on her special day.

Farasha – The Name Behind The Vision

Farasha has long been associated with high-end fashion that carries the essence of culture within each garment. Each new collection has elevated the standard of South Asian formal wear, making them a coveted name amongst those who seek excellence in their wardrobes.

Your Invitation to Adorn “Camilla by Tabeer”

As you stand on the threshold of a new beginning, let “Camilla by Tabeer” be the dress that accompanies you. It is more than just a wedding formal; it is a legacy you will treasure and cherish. Pakistani and Indian ladies of the UK, this work of art awaits to add brilliance to your most celebrated moments. Embrace the allure of traditions and contemporary elegance with “Camilla by Tabeer.” Let this masterpiece be the centrepiece of your wedding formal and revel in the majesty it brings. Secure your piece of enchantment today and allow to tell your unique story, one where grace shines brightest.

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