Embroidered Linen – D2


Brand: Noor By Saadia Asad
Fabric: Embroidered Linen
Collection: Noor Winter Luxury Shawls 23


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Noor by Saadia Asad has introduced another luxurious addition to their winter shawl collection: the D2 shalwar kameez. Crafted with premium-grade embroidery linen fabric, the D2 makes an excellent choice for Pakistani weddings and other formal events.

Kameez Details: 

The D2 shalwar kameez is designed to wow. Its front features exquisite ombre digital printing adorned with Tilla embroidery for an unforgettable touch of elegance, while its back is embellished with digitally printed ombre linen that draws your eye immediately. Sleeves made with digitally printed Tilla embroidery add further light to this radiant piece, while its hemline features exquisitely detailed borders and patches to add even further sophistication.

Dupatta Details: 

The D2 Pashmina Shawl by Noor by Saadia Asad is nothing short of magnificent, featuring intricate embroidery and detailed designs that testify to their outstanding quality and craftsmanship. Furthermore, its beautiful red dupatta adds more finesse and even greater dimension to this ensemble design.

Trouser Details:

 The D2’s dyed linen trouser is exceptional in design and quality. Made with the same material used to craft its kameez and dupatta, its red hue perfectly matches its counterparts.

Color Options:

The  shalwar kameez comes in stunning red for added beauty and glamour.


The D2 shalwar kameez features luxurious linen fabric for its kameez, trousers, and dupatta components, adding to its overall elegance and standing out from other pieces in its class. It stands out as being truly special!


The D2 shalwar kameez is an essential piece for Pakistani weddings and other formal events, featuring intricate embroidery and gorgeous digital prints to add elegance and exclusivity to your wardrobe.

Noor by Saadia Asad  Shalwar Kameez is a striking and luxurious piece from their winter shawl collection. It boasts intricate embroidery, digital prints, and high-quality linen fabric for maximum elegance and sophistication. Incorporating its striking red hue and beautiful red color will turn heads wherever it goes! Add this showstopper to your collection today to turn heads wherever you go.