Embroidered Velvet – D6


Brand: Noor By Saadia Asad
Fabric: Embroidered Velvet
Collection: Noor Winter Luxury Shawls 23


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Welcome the exquisite D6 shalwar kameez from Noor by  Saadia Asad‘s Noor Winter Luxury Shawls 23 collection: it’s the ideal dress style for Pakistani weddings and formal events, featuring intricate details, luxurious fabrics, and an eye-catching design that stands out. The D6 stands out because of its intricate details, eye-catching fabric finishes, and eye-catching features – something no other dress style can match.

Adorned with stunning sequin and panini embroidery on its velvet front, sleeves, neckline, ghera border, and back, it creates an air of elegance that cannot be ignored. The velvet back adds a luxurious texture that cannot be neglected, while sleeves decorated with embroidery and patches complete its design perfectly. Finally, its high-quality digitally printed silk dupatta adds vibrancy, while its dyed linen trouser completes this exquisite ensemble – ensuring its seamless style.

D6 Shalwar Kameez comes in an eye-catching green hue, featuring matching trousers and dupatta for an outstanding Pakistani wedding wear outfit. Sure to make an impressionful statement in any room! This exquisite design will certainly turn heads and impress fashion enthusiasts everywhere.

The D6 shalwar kameez is crafted with high-grade velvet fabric for softness, warmth, and a luxurious feel. The luxurious feel will make you feel like royalty! The exceptional quality velvet fabrics will leave a lasting impression on everyone who sees you wearing the garment.

No matter the formal occasion, this D6 shalwar kameez will turn heads at a wedding or other formal affair. Boasting intricate details, a beautiful green hue, and timeless design elements, it is an impressive statement piece that won’t go out of fashion soon!

Wearing Noor By Saadia Asad’s D6 shalwar kameez will leave you feeling elegant and confident, with its luxurious fabrics and intricate embroidery details making an impression outfit that makes you stand out. This must-have piece from Noor By Saadia Asad will remain part of your wardrobe for many years!

Overall, the D6 shalwar kameez is essential for anyone hoping to make an impression at their next wedding or formal occasion. With luxurious fabrics, intricate embroidery details, and its striking green color making a bold statement in any setting – wear this unforgettable garment and feel confident, elegant, and impressive simultaneously!

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