Embroidered Organza – DN-04 Kanza


Brand: Qalamkar
Collection: Wedding Formals 23 دلناز


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DN-04 Kanza – An Enchanting Angrakha Frock That Will Make You Look Like Royalty

If you are looking for stunning attire that exudes regal splendour and refined luxury, then the DN-04 Kanza by Qalamkar is the perfect choice. This resplendent angrakha dress is meticulously crafted, featuring delicate organza adorned with handmade Gotta embroidery motifs and Kallis.

The breathtaking amalgamation of handwork, from neckline to border, has been finely executed with intricate details and lacework, forming a tapestry of exceptional allure. Every inch of this ensemble has been adorned with exquisite embroidery, leaving you spellbound.


The shirt of DN-04 Kanza has been designed to perfection. It features embroidered front and back kalli fabric, each kalli beautifully adorned with Gotta embroidered motifs. The neckline motifs have been intricately embroidered to complement the overall design of the attire.

The front of the shirt has been embellished with embroidered lace that has been beautifully handcrafted. The lacework adds a touch of finesse to the overall design of the attire. The back of the shirt has also been adorned with embroidered lace that perfectly matches the front of the shirt. The Gotta embroidered neckline at the back of the shirt is yet another fine detail that truly sets DN-04 Kanza apart.

The shirt sleeves have been meticulously crafted, with each sleeve featuring stunning Gotta embroidery that perfectly complements the overall design. The Gotta embroidered lace on the kalli and sleeves patch is another fine detail that sets this attire apart.


The matching jacquard-woven dupatta of DN-04 Kanza drapes like a silken whisper and adds an aura of elegance to the overall attire. The dupatta has been weaved with care and features beautiful embroidery on the pallu. The Gotta embroidered dupatta lace adds a touch of finesse and completes the look of the attire.


The raw silk trouser of DN-04 Kanza perfectly complements the overall design of the attire. The plain trouser has been crafted with care to ensure that it adds an aura of elegance to the overall look of the dress. The raw silk slip adds to the overall comfort of the attire.

Fabric Details

The shirt is made of delicate organza, a lightweight and elegant fabric. The matching jacquard-weaved dupatta adds to the overall elegance of the attire. The raw silk slip adds to the comfort of the dress.

In Conclusion

The DN-04 Kanza by Qalamkar is a masterpiece of artistic craftsmanship that will leave you spellbound. The attire has been meticulously crafted with exquisite details and rich embroidery that exudes refined luxury. If you are looking for a dress that will make you look like royalty, DN-04 Kanza is the perfect choice.