Embroidered Organza – DN-05 Samara


Brand: Qalamkar
Collection: Wedding Formals 23 دلناز


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DN-05 Samara by Qalamkar: Pure Elegance with Peachy-Pink Hues

What does it take to achieve pure elegance in fashion? With DN-05 Samara by Qalamkar, the answer is clear – a combination of exquisite craftsmanship, high-quality fabrics, and intricate details that create an authentic piece of art. This attire is a perfect example of how Pakistani fashion can captivate the hearts of Pakistani ladies living in the UK. From its peachy-pink hues to its organza fabric and gotta embroidery, Samara speaks volumes about its creator’s creativity and dedication to perfecting every detail.

Let’s dive deeper into the elements that make Samara a must-have attire for Pakistani ladies searching for trendy yet traditional clothing in the UK.

Samara’s Shirt: Where Elegance Meets Intricacy

The shirt of DN-05 Samara by Qalamkar is made of organza, which brings a delicate texture and sheer look to the attire. The shirt’s peachy-pink hues infuse a soft and feminine touch that’s hard to resist. The shirt’s most striking feature is the intricate gotta embroidery, which covers the center panel, the front side panels, the front border, the back, and the sleeves. Each embroidered segment is crafted by hand, adding a unique and unforgettable touch to the attire.

The gotta embroidery on the center panel and side panels features a mix of geometric and floral designs that contrast beautifully against the organza fabric. The front border also features gotta embroidery, which enhances the shirt’s length and creates a lovely flow to the overall design. The back of the shirt is as captivating as the front, with gotta embroidery on the neckline and borders that add a sophisticated touch.

The shirt sleeves are adorned with gotta embroidery and embroidered lace, adding an extra layer of intricacy to the attire. And let’s remember the gotta embroidered lace on the front and back, adding elegance to the attire’s edges.

Samara’s Dupatta: A Gotta Embroidered Masterpiece

The net dupatta of Samara is an embroidered masterpiece that deserves the spotlight. The dupatta is adorned with gotta embroidery throughout, featuring a mix of flower and geometric shapes. The gotta embroidered dupatta pallu creates a stunning border that pairs well with the shirt’s gotta borders. The dupatta’s gotta embroidery is crowned by beautiful embroidered lace that elevates the attire’s overall look.

Samara’s Trouser: A Touch of Sophistication

Completing the attire’s look is a raw silk trouser that adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design. The trouser’s edges are delicately adorned with gotta embroidery, adding subtle yet noticeable detail. The raw silk texture brings another dimension of elegance to the attire, making it perfect for formal events or celebratory occasions.

In Conclusion: A True Piece of Art for Pakistani Ladies in the UK

DN-05 Samara by Qalamkar is a true masterpiece about the Pakistani fashion industry’s creativity and expertise. It blends elegance, sophistication, and intricate details that create a lasting impression. Whether you’re a Pakistani lady living in the UK or someone searching for a unique and trendy attire, Samara is an excellent choice that won’t disappoint. With its peachy-pink hues, gotta embroidery, and high-quality fabrics, Samara is an authentic piece of art that deserves a place in any fashion-savvy lady’s wardrobe.