Embroidered Slub Khaddar – DW23-D6


Brand: Jazmin
Embroidered Slub Khaddar
Collection: Dastaan-luxury-winter 2023


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Regarding Pakistani attire, nothing beats traditional dresses’ elegance, sophistication, and intricacy. And when showcasing the epitome of grace and beauty, DW23-D6 by Jazmin is a winner. This stunning dress from the Dastaan-luxury-winter 2023 collection embodies everything beautiful – from the subtle blue hue to the intricate embroidery and the plush viscose twill shawl. Whether you’re attending a wedding or a formal event or want to look gorgeous, DW23-D6 has covered you.

Exquisite Embroidery and Luxurious Material:

The impressive embroidery work is one of the first things that catch your attention in DW23-D6. The slub khaddar front features intricate embroidery that perfectly complements the blue hue of the dress. The same embroidery is carried out on the slub khaddar’s back and front border and the sleeves. The result is a seamless design that creates an aura of sophistication and grandeur.

The material used in DW23-D6 is also worth mentioning. Slub Khaddar is a premium quality fabric that’s comfortable, warm, and perfect for winter wear. It’s made of pure cotton and has a unique texture that gives it a distinctive look and feel. The viscose twill shawl, on the other hand, is the epitome of luxury. The shawl features intricate embroidery work that matches the dress perfectly. The shawl border also has embroidery work that adds a touch of elegance to the overall look.

Perfect Fit for Pakistani Ladies Living in the UK:

Jazmin is a renowned brand known for its impeccable designs and high-quality dresses. DW23-D6 is no exception. The dress was designed with the needs and preferences of Pakistani ladies living in the UK. The blue hue is perfect for those who love experimenting with colours and trying something new. The dress is available in different sizes, so you can find one that fits you perfectly. The embroidery work and the material used make it perfect for winter wear, keeping you warm and comfortable while looking stylish and chic.

The Perfect Dress for Any Occasion:

DW23-D6 is versatile and can be worn for any occasion. If you’re attending a wedding, pair it with jewellery and high heels to complete the look. If you’re going for a more formal event, pair it with sophisticated pumps and a clutch. It’s also perfect for casual wear, and you can pair it with some sandals and a tote bag for a more relaxed look.


DW23-D6 by Jazmin is a stunning dress that embodies grace, elegance, and sophistication. From the exquisite embroidery work to the luxurious material, everything about DW23-D6 oozes style and charm. This dress is a must-have in your wardrobe if you’re a Pakistani lady living in the UK. It’s versatile, comfortable, and perfect for any occasion. So what are you waiting for? Add DW23-D6 by Jazmin to your collection, and get ready to dazzle with your style and grace.

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