Embroidered Slub Khaddar – DW23-D8


Brand: Jazmin
Embroidered Slub Khaddar
Collection: Dastaan-luxury-winter 2023


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Are you ready to embrace luxury, elegance, and vibrancy in one winter collection? If yes, then look no further than DW23-D8 by Jazmin. This exquisite collection, part of Jazmin’s Dastaan line, boasts a timeless colour palette featuring vibrant multi-hues, gorgeous embroidery patterns, and remarkable details. It is the ultimate winter wardrobe essential for Pakistani ladies in the UK who want to make a statement while staying warm and comfortable.

Embroidered Slub Khaddar Front Panel and Side Panels

The DW23-D8 by Jazmin features an intricately embroidered slub khaddar front panel and side panels. The embroidery patterns are perfect for winter, featuring floral and geometric designs in gold, red, green, and blue hues. The slub khaddar fabric has a natural and slightly uneven texture and makes for a perfect winter staple. The front panel and side panels provide coverage and give the wearer an effortlessly chic look.

Embroidered Slub Khaddar Sleeves and Sleeves Border

The DW23-D8 by Jazmin also features embroidered slub khaddar sleeves and sleeves border. These sleeves are designed to keep you comfortable yet stylish. The sleeves feature intricate embroidery patterns that complement the designs of the front panel and side panels. The gold-toned sleeves border is a perfect finishing touch to the elegant design of the suit. It also adds a touch of sophistication and class to your overall winter look.

Embroidered Front and Back Borders

The DW23-D8 by Jazmin also features embroidered front and back borders. These borders are perfect for adding that extra touch of luxury to your winter outfit. They feature the same intricate embroidery patterns as the front panel, side panels, and sleeves. The embroidery around the borders is perfect for winter, featuring floral and geometric designs in gold, red, green, and blue hues.

Embroidered Viscose Twill Shawl

The DW23-D8 by Jazmin comes with an embroidered viscose twill shawl. The shawl complements the outfit’s colour palette and design. It is perfect for keeping you warm and cosy during the UK winter. It features intricate embroidery patterns that perfectly match the suit’s design, making it an ideal addition to your winter look.

Dyed Slub Khaddar Back and Trouser

The DW23-D8 by Jazmin features a dyed slub khaddar back and trousers. The back is simple yet elegant, perfectly balancing the embroidered front panel and side panels. The dyed slub khaddar trousers are comfortable yet trendy and perfect for any winter occasion.

In conclusion, if you are a Pakistani lady living in the UK and looking for an exquisite winter suit, DW23-D8 by Jazmin is an excellent choice. Its timeless colour palette, intricate embroidery patterns, and remarkable details make it a must-have for any winter wardrobe. The suit’s versatility makes it perfect for any occasion, be it formal or casual. With DW23-D8 by Jazmin, you will never have to sacrifice style for comfort again. Empower yourself this winter, and make a statement with DW23-D8 by Jazmin.

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