Embroidered Poly Organza – ESME (EC2-23-05)


Brand: Elan
 Poly Organza
Wedding Festive


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Introducing ESME (EC2-23-05) from the Elan Wedding Festive Collection – a mesmerizing Sharara Suit that will steal the spotlight on any special occasion. Prepare to be captivated by its intricate details and unmatched quality. Perfect for weddings and festive events, this outfit is guaranteed to turn heads.

Sharara Details:

Made from Poly Organza, the Sharara features a stunning sky-blue color that complements every skin tone. The dyed slip and Sharara, crafted from Raw Silk, ensure comfort and breathability all day.

The Sharara’s allure is further enhanced by its exquisite embellishments and embroidery. With cutwork designs, pearls, and intricate embroidery adorning the front body and kali, as well as the back body and kali, every angle of this suit is an absolute marvel.

The sleeves of the Sharara boast impressive embroidery and embellishments, complete with an organza sleeve border that adds a touch of grace. The Sharara also features a beautifully embellished front edge and an embroidered organza back border, exuding pure luxury.

Dupatta Details:

Just as meticulously designed as the Sharara, the dupatta is made from exquisite Organza fabric and dyed in a matching sky blue shade. Its embroidered center and intricately designed left and right pallu add to its stunning beauty.

Overall Impressions:

The ESME (EC2-23-05) Sharara Suit from the Elan Wedding Festive Collection demands a remarkable presence to match its stunning beauty. When you wear this suit, prepare to make a statement and receive countless compliments on your impeccable style. Crafted with high-quality fabric and impeccable attention to detail, this Sharara Suit ensures a luxurious and comfortable feel for any formal event.

In conclusion, the ESME (EC2-23-05) Sharara suit uk from the Elan Wedding Festive Collection is a breathtaking masterpiece that will leave you breathless. Prepare to feel beautiful, elegant, and confident on your special day, as others are amazed by your impeccable style and fashion sense. With its impeccable embroidery, embellishments, and organza fabric, this Sharara will make you stand out.