Embroidered Velvet – FARAH-108U


Brand: Mushq
Collection: Niloufer Velvet Edit 2023



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As Pakistani ladies living in the UK, you always want to dazzle everyone with elegance and cultural essence. If you want a stunning outfit for a special occasion or wedding, then FARAH-108U by Mushq is the perfect choice. This exquisite ensemble boasts a breathtaking fusion of traditional and modern elements that will make you stand out.

Embroidered, Sequined, and Hand Embellished Velvet for Front and Back Yoke

The front and back yoke of FARAH-108U are adorned with intricate embroidery, sequins, and hand embellishments on velvet fabric. The rich texture and depth of these embellishments will showcase the artistic mastery of the Mushq’s artisans. Moreover, the velvet fabric adds a touch of luxury and regalness to your appearance.

Embroidered, Sequined, and Hand Embellished Velvet for Sleeves

The sleeves of FARAH-108U are equally stunning with their embroidered, sequined, and hand-embellished velvet fabric. The intricate detailing and vibrant colors will create a mesmerizing effect when you move your arms. The sheer beauty of these sleeves will make you feel like a queen.

Embroidered and Sequined Velvet for Front and Back

The front and back of FARAH-108U feature a harmonious blend of embroidered and sequined velvet fabric. The floral patterns and motifs present a sublime beauty that will leave everyone spellbound. The color palette of the embroidery and sequins is carefully chosen to complement the overall design of the ensemble.

Embroidered and Sequined Border for Front and Back Hem (Organza)

The front and back hems of FARAH-108U are adorned with an embroidered and sequined border on organza fabric. The sheer translucency of the organza adds a delicate touch to this ensemble. The intricate embroidery and sequins on the border provide a pop of vibrancy that will create a stunning contrast against the dark velvet.

Embroidered and Sequined Organza Dupatta

The FARAH-108U has an embroidered and sequined organza dupatta that is as beautiful as the ensemble. The sparkling sequins and intricate embroidery showcase the artistic flair of Mushq’s artisans. The sheer organza fabric drapes elegantly over your shoulders and adds a touch of gracefulness to your overall appearance.

Embroidered and Sequined Dupatta Lace

The FARAH-108U ensemble also features a stunning embroidered and sequined dupatta lace. This lace is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and adds a beautiful finishing touch to the dupatta. The exquisite embroidery and sequins are a testament to the unparalleled craftsmanship of Mushq.

Jamawar Lehenga

The FARAH-108U ensemble is completed with a beautiful Jamawar lehenga. The rich fabric and intricate design reflect the cultural heritage of Pakistan. The lehenga adds a touch of royalty and grandeur to your overall appearance. The crystal pearls for finishing provide a dazzling effect that will make you feel like a princess.


In conclusion, FARAH-108U by Mushq is a wearable work of art showcasing the best traditional and modern Pakistani fashion. This ensemble is perfect for Pakistani ladies in the UK who want to embrace their cultural identity while staying trendy and fashionable. The intricate embroidery, sequins, and hand embellishments on velvet and organza fabric create a mesmerizing effect that will awaken everyone. The Jamawar lehenga adds a touch of regalness to the outfit and showcases the artistic finesse of Mushq’s artisans. If you want a head-turning ensemble for your next special occasion, FARAH-108U by Mushq is the perfect choice.

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