Embroidered Lawn – FP 07 Aisha


Brand: Qalamkar
Embroidered Lawn
Collection: Sahil Kinare Luxury Lawn 24

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In fashion, where trends come and go, the allure of traditional craftsmanship blended with contemporary design remains evergreen. For the discerning Pakistani and Indian ladies in the United Kingdom, FP 07 Aisha by Qalamkar Pk emerges as a beacon of unparalleled Elegance and sophistication. This meticulously crafted ensemble from the Sahil Kinare Luxury Lawn 24 collection is designed to make every moment a celebration of heritage and style. Dive into the opulent world of ‘Aisha’, where each stitch weaves a tale of grace and grandeur.

The Quintessence of Craftsmanship: The Shirt

At the heart of the ‘FP 07 Aisha’ ensemble lies the shirt, a maroon marvel adorned with the exquisite Chikan Kari embroidery that has been a symbol of luxury for centuries. The front of the shirt is a canvas of meticulous craftsmanship, featuring Chikan Kari embroidery that cascades across the fabric, embodying an aesthetic of refined Elegance. The embroidered border, extending across both the front and back, adds a touch of regal grace, perfectly framing the masterpiece.

The neckline at the front and back is accentuated with detailed Chikan Kari work, enhancing the ensemble’s allure. This attention to detail ensures that ‘Aisha’ is a testament to the artistry and tradition embedded within every thread. The sleeves, too, are a work of art adorned with the same Chikan Kari embroidery, completing the shirt’s narrative of sophistication and charm.

A Veil of Grace: The Dupatta

Complementing the majestic shirt is the dupatta, crafted from plain organza that whispers tales of delicacy and Elegance. The long side lace, embellished with Chikan Kari embroidery, frames the dupatta, adding layers of texture and depth. The pallu is a masterpiece featuring meticulous Chikan Kari work that echoes the ensemble’s theme of opulence. 3D flowers on the dupatta introduce a touch of whimsy, making ‘Aisha’ a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary fashion.

The Foundation of Elegance: The Trousers

Anchoring the ensemble is a pair of plain trousers, the epitome of understated Elegance. Crafted from premium cotton, these trousers offer comfort and style, providing the perfect backdrop to the elaborate details of the shirt and dupatta. Their simplicity is a testament to the belief that true Elegance resides in balance and harmony.

Fabric Composition: A Symphony of Comfort and Luxury

The ‘FP 07 Aisha’ ensemble marries luxurious fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship. The shirt, made from the finest lawn, offers a breathable and lightweight feel, ensuring comfort without compromising style. The organza dupatta adds a layer of sophistication, its sheer texture playing with light and shadow. With their soft and comfortable fit, the cotton trousers complete the ensemble, promising ease of movement and an unmatched elegance.

Why Choose FP 07 Aisha?

  • Unparalleled Elegance: ‘Aisha’ is not just an outfit; it’s a statement of sophistication and grace designed to elevate your presence on any occasion.
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Every element of ‘Aisha’ showcases the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that Qalamkar is renowned for.
  • Cultural Heritage: Embrace your roots with an ensemble that reflects the rich traditions of South Asian craftsmanship, reimagined for the modern woman.
  • Versatility: ‘Aisha’ transcends occasions, making it the perfect choice for weddings, festivals, and formal gatherings.
  • Comfort Meets Style: With its premium fabric composition, ‘Aisha’ promises to dazzle and provide unparalleled comfort.