Embroidered Net – Gia by Tabeer


Brand: Farasha
Fabric: Net
Collection: Tabeer – Wedding Formals 23


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The fabric of tradition woven into contemporary fashion – Gia by Tabeer is a masterstroke by Farasha, the acclaimed connoisseur of South Asian bridal and formal attire. Crafted for the Pakistani and Indian ladies in the UK, this green lehenga is a statement piece from the illustrious Tabeer – Wedding Formals 23 collection. The ensemble is an idyllic union of classic embroidery and modern design, destined to adorn the wearer with unmatched opulence and style.

Product Overview

Gia by Tabeer is a testament to the meticulous craft that Farasha embodies. It’s an attire that commands attention, not just for its radiant aesthetic but for the story it tells through each thread and sequin. This ready-to-wear designer dress merges heritage and innovation to present an iconic garment that will leave a lasting impression.

Exquisite Embroidery

The embroidered net front panels are the heart of Gia by Tabeer, featuring left and right segments that are symmetrically orchestrated to provide balance and beauty. Each panel is meticulously embroidered, with patterns that draw on the rich tapestry of South Asian design heritage.

An Organza Masterpiece

Surrounding these panels is the embroidered organza border, which gracefully accentuates the lehenga’s form and adds a layer of delicate intricacy. The border encapsulates the lehenga’s hem, sleeves, and dupatta, providing a harmonious outline that ties the ensemble together.

Splendour in Sleeves

The net sleeves are not mere additions; they are expressions of artistry, adorned with the same embroidery that graces the entirety of the dress. Complemented by the borer embroidered organza sleeve border, they lend a sense of completion and finesse to the upper silhouette of the lehenga.

The Back: A Continuation of Elegance

Turning around in Gia by Tabeer reveals an embroidered net back that mirrors the detailed work on the front. The design continuity ensures the garment is a 360-degree marvel, leaving no angle untouched by its charm.

Dupatta: The Crowning Glory

An essential element of Gia by Tabeer is the borer embroidered organza dupatta, where the generosities of fabric and design converge to create a statement piece. The dupatta, with its embroidered organza border, drapes beautifully, offering the ensemble a final touch of regality.

Luxurious Trousers

Beneath the net overlay lies the embroidered raw silk trousers, chosen for their natural lustre and texture that complement the net’s sheerness. Its embroidered viscose border aligns with the overall design language, ensuring a cohesive presentation from top to bottom.

Comfort Meets Design

Inside Gia by Tabeer, you’ll find a dyed viscose inner that sits comfortably against the skin. While remaining unseen, its presence is felt through the added comfort it imparts. It displays that every layer of this dress has been considered with the wearer’s experience in mind.

Impeccable Fabric Choice

Selecting net as the primary fabric for Gia by Tabeer is a deliberate nod to elegance and practicality. The net’s lightweight nature allows for extensive embroidery without compromising wearability, making it ideal for formal events and weddings.

Artisanal Detailing

Each stitch of Gia by Tabeer tells a tale of artisanal prowess. From the tilla sequins to the elaborate thread work, the detailing is precise and extravagant, designed to stand out in formal settings.

Bridging Cultures

Gia by Tabeer is not just a garment; it’s a cultural bridge. For Pakistani and Indian ladies in the UK, it links to their roots while resonating with contemporary aesthetics, blending their identities within a single, stunning piece of couture.


Farasha’s commitment to exclusivity is evident in Gia by Tabeer. Part of the limited Wedding Formals 23 collection, it is a dress that promises uniqueness and individuality.

Ideal Customer Profile

The discerning lady who selects Gia by Tabeer appreciates the craftsmanship that goes into traditional South Asian couture and desires an embodiment of this heritage in her formal wardrobe. She seeks to make a statement at any significant occasion, whether a wedding, a formal party, or an upscale event. This customer values authenticity and expects nothing less than the highest quality from her attire.

Timeless Appeal

Green, the colour of vitality and renewal, serves as a fitting canvas for the Gia by Tabeer. It’s a hue that transcends seasons and trends, ensuring the dress remains timeless in your collection.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

With Farasha’s reputation for superior craftsmanship, each Gia by Tabeer piece reflects an unparalleled quality standard. The embroidery and embellishments are checked for perfection, ensuring the garment you receive is flawless.

Wearability and Comfort

Despite its intricate detail, Gia by Tabeer considers the comfort of its wearer. The choice of fabrics and the fit ensure that while you look your best, you feel relaxed and at ease during prolonged wear.

Ready-to-Wear Convenience

As a ready-to-wear outfit, Gia by Tabeer eliminates the need for made-to-order waiting times. It is available for immediate purchase and wear, ensuring you’re prepared for your event without delay.


Gia by Tabeer by Farasha is more than just a dress; it is an experience that weaves the elegance of traditional Pakistani and Indian attire with the demands of modern fashion. It represents a confluence of past and present, a beacon of sartorial excellence that stands as a proud statement of identity for South Asian women in the UK. Indulge in the splendour of Gia by Tabeer and let yourself be enveloped in the luxurious embrace of Farasha’s unparalleled design for your next unforgettable moment.

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