Embroidered Cotton Satin Grey CST-707


Brand: Maria. B
Collection: Sateen Fall Collections 2023
Shirt Fabric:  Cotton
Dupatta Fabric: Organza


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Style 1:
Grey CST-707 from Maria B’s Sateen Fall Collection 2023.

Maria B’s Sateen Fall Collection 2023 offers elegant yet modern pieces perfect for Pakistani wedding, formal, and festive wear. In particular, Maria B’s Grey CST-707 stands out among this collection for its elegant yet modern touch and features two styles: Maxi Kameez (Style 01) and Garara Kameez (Garara style), each matched with an organza dupatta designed exquisitely – here we will focus on Style 01 from this blog series. So, let us go into more detail about Maria B’s Grey CST-707.

The Grey CST-707 Maxi boasts a luxurious embroidered cotton satin front paired with a plain cotton satin back for an exquisite design and fabric quality contrast. The dress features an organza neck patti adorned with an organza gera patch for volume and elegance. It has matching organza sleeves pattis that contrast exquisitely with its grey hue, giving this dress its modern aesthetic. The details of its embroidery are exquisite, while its ornate details contrast beautifully against its modern hue to complete its contemporary aesthetic.

The organza lurex shaded dupatta from Grey CST-707 is beautifully designed. This dupatta offers elegance to this dress, featuring intricately designed borders made of intricately designed organza fabric that perfectly compliments its overall theme.

Style 01 requires an elegant cotton satin trouser with a wide width that complements its surrounding attire perfectly. The grey color matches well, while its soft, light fabric provides comfortable wearability.

The Grey CST-707 Maxi is ideal for Pakistani weddings, formal, or festive wear. Crafted from premium cotton fabric, its durable yet comfortable wearability matches well with any dress theme – while its modern and sleek aesthetic makes it suitable for any special event or occasion.

Maria B’s Sateen Fall Collection 2023 offers stylish yet comfortable Pakistani wedding, formal, or festive wear for any occasion. The Grey CST-707 Maxi stands out for its exquisite design, high-quality fabric, and modern touch; it is perfect for any special event! So if you want something that makes you look your best and feels luxurious, this Grey CST-707 Maxi could be needed to help make you look your best on any special occasion.


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