Embroidered Chiffon – Gul Bano


Brand: Emaan Adeel
Collection: Ishq Aatish Collection 2023



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Elegant Shalwar Kameez from Eman Adeel Ishq Aatish Collection – Dress in tradition with Eman Adeel.

An elegant Shalwar Kameez is the ideal ensemble for any special event or festive gathering. Eman Adeel Ishq Aatish Collection provides just that – perfect for traditional yet stylish costumes alike. Gul Bano dress style stands out with its delicate organza-chiffon fabric combination and intricate embroidery work, making this style especially suitable for Pakistani or Indian ladies living in the UK who wish to add some culture into their wardrobes – read on and learn more about this breathtaking Shalwar Kameez!

Gul Bano Shalwar Kameez features the finest materials. Crafted with Chiffon fabric for its Kameez and Dupatta, this ideal for an airy wedding in summer. Additionally, Raw Silk trousers pair perfectly with this outfit to add elegance while its sleeves drape beautifully across your arms to complete its overall appearance.

One of the Gul Bano’s unique qualities is its exquisite embroidery design. Hand-made organza necklines, multi-sequin front chiffon panels, and sleeves adorned with chalk lace embroidery all add feminine charm and details that complete its feminine appearance. Furthermore, organza borders at both front and back add elegance without appearing overwhelming – perfect for formal occasions and events.

The dupatta features intricate embroidery with crystal tassels on each side and an elegant two-sided border for added style – making this ensemble the ideal choice for any wedding ceremony!

Light purple adds an eye-catching modern touch to traditional dress style. The hue is subdued enough for wedding guests without overshadowing the bride, making this option suitable for those who prefer more subdued hues.

Gul Bano Shalwar Kameez is ideal for weddings and festive celebrations, featuring delicate embroidery in light purple. Daytime events would benefit from daytime wear, while its raw silk trousers would add sophistication to evening occasions. You will make a statement look wearing this Shalwar Kameez.


For an elegant blend of traditional culture and modernity, Eman Adeel Ishq Aatish Collection’s Gul Bano Shalwar Kameez from Eman Adeel may just have what you need: their Gul Bano Shalwar Kameez may be ideal. Perfect for Pakistani and Indian ladies living in the UK who wish to maintain an element of their cultural roots while remaining fashionable – with its light purple color and exquisite embroidery work making this dress suitable for weddings or festive celebrations, and high-quality materials, it sure to impress anyone who sees it!