Embroidered Silk – HR-04 Leela


Brand: Qalamkar
Collection: Heer Ranjha


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Introducing the HR-04 LEELA Lehenga Kurti by Qalamkar – a mesmerizing masterpiece that will make heads turn. This stunning outfit from their Heer Ranjha collection is perfect for weddings, sangeets, or grand parties. Get ready to stand out with its breathtaking combination of pink and brown colours and enchanting intricate embroidery.

Let’s dive into the details:

The Kurti, made from top-quality silk, is lightweight and breathable, ideal for hot summer days. The digital print and intricate Gotta embroidery lacework on the front and back create a charming and graceful design. The beautifully embroidered neckline patches and hand-embroidered sleeves add a unique touch. The lacy embroidery cascading down to the border is handmade, adding to its allure.

The silky organza dupatta is lightweight and drapes ideally. The exceptional digital print embroidery adds charm, while the four-sided border with Gotta embroidery gives it a sophisticated look. This gorgeous dupatta will genuinely elevate your overall look.

The Lehenga, crafted from soft and light net fabric, is comfortable and easy to move in. The Gotta embroidered front lace and handmade digital print border on the front make it regal and eye-catching. The Gotta embroidered kalli on the show and back beautifully complements the design, while the lacework on the back and side of the Kallis adds elegance.

The outfit is adorned with strategically placed Gotta embroidered lace and tassels, enhancing its stunning appearance. The skilled artisans have mastered the art of Gotta embroidery, adding an exquisite touch to the outfit.

The HR-04 LEELA Lehenga Kurti comes in vibrant colours – a perfect combination of pink and brown. The Kurti and Lehenga harmoniously complement each other, while the brown dupatta adds sophistication. This colour combination is ideal for those who want to add a pop of colour to their wardrobe.

In conclusion, the HR-04 LEELA Lehenga Kurti by Qalamkar is an actual work of art that will make you feel like royalty. The intricate embroidery, digital print, and Gotta lacework add glamour and sophistication. This outfit is perfect for special occasions with light and comfortable fabrics and trendy colours. Get ready to make a statement and add this masterpiece to your wardrobe.