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Brand: Iznik
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Festive Velvet collection


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Hushaima Iznik’s Festive Velvet Collection 2023 Provides an Elegant Experience

Searching for the ideal wedding or festive dress can be daunting, especially if you want to stand out. Please don’t fret, though: Iznik has your back with their Festive Velvet Collection featuring Hushaima. Renowned for its exquisite and unique designs, Hushaima stands out among Iznik’s offerings – this blog post gives an insider’s glimpse of this collection and why every Pakistani and Indian lady living in the UK needs one!

Hushaima from Iznik’s Festive Velvet Collection 2023 stands out with her intricately designed shalwar kameez, made from velvet and intricately embroidered with beautiful designs on its shirt front, back, sleeves lace and neckline embroidered organza for an added touch of sophistication and her rich dark green color adds regal and luxurious feel that makes this piece suitable for weddings and other festive events.

Hushaima wears an exquisite green-hued dupatta composed of embroidered organza with two distinctive patches for added flair and to complete her festive ensemble. It comes complete with its matching green kameez to complete the festive look!

Hushaima wears trousers crafted from raw silk dyed a complementary green hue, adding a harmonious vibe and polished appearance. The rich texture adds subtle but luxurious notes to her overall ensemble, creating an overall cohesive and elegant aesthetic for Hushaima’s appearance.

Hushaima’s Festive Velvet Collection 2023 by Iznik, in collaboration with Hushaima, is an exquisite combination of elegance and culture designed to make you shine at any wedding or festive event. Known for its distinctive design and high-quality fabric, this garment is for Pakistani and Indian ladies in the UK. Hushaima offers exquisite designs for all celebrations- from cultural festivals to formal affairs like weddings.


Iznik’s Festive Velvet Collection 2023 featuring Hushaima is one of the most elegant and sophisticated collections available today, boasting intricate design, high-quality fabrics, and exquisite attention to detail. A must-have item for every Pakistani and Indian lady living in the UK, featuring velvet in the kameez, organza in neckline and dupatta edges, and dyed raw silk trousers elevate its feel and design beyond anything ever experienced. Whether looking for wedding or festive attire, Hushaima takes your look from ordinary to extraordinary with ease! Experience its elegance – see how quickly your face transforms!