Embroidered Chiffon – Leela Dhaagay V03d07


Brand: Alizeh
Dhaagay Collection VOL 3


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Alizeh’s DHAAGAY VOL 3 Collection Is an Anarkali Frock Suit Perfect for Pakistani Weddings and Festive Occasions

Nothing tops an Anarkali Frock Suit in elegance at Pakistani weddings and festive wear events. Alizeh’s DHAAGAY-VOL 3 Collection gives women the ideal Anarkali Frock Suit that exudes grace and sophistication. Alizeh offers her Leela Dhaagay V03d07 Anarkali Frock Suit as part of this timeless ensemble, and this blog post will delve into its intricate details.

The Leela Dhaagay V03d07 Anarkali Frock Suit was carefully crafted. This floor-length Anarkali Frock creates an eye-catching silhouette, drawing all eyes. This exquisite dress’s bodice and bottom details feature intricate embroidery with the central panel, neck patch, embroidered patch tassels on the border, round neck style with pearls at the front neck, and dori with dori. Sleeve embroidery adds an elegant finishing touch.

Moving onto the dupatta, its charm lies in its beautiful floral embroidery on both body and borders, adding an air of grace. Crafted of lightweight chiffon fabric, this is suitable for Pakistani weddings or festive wear occasions.

The trousers are simple yet elegant, adding balance to the outfit. Crafted from chiffon with peach-hued lining, they beautifully complement Anarkali Frock and dupatta. At the same time, the white embroidery adds soft romanticism ideal for romantic events.

Regarding fabric quality, Anarkali Frocks, trousers, and dupattas crafted with premium-grade chiffon are made for maximum comfort during long events like celebrations. Not only that but the fabric drapes beautifully, creating an eye-catching silhouette.


 Alizeh’s DHAAGAY-VOL 3 Collection’s Leela Dhaagay V03d07 Anarkali Frock Suit is ideal for Pakistani weddings and festive wear, featuring stunning design elements and bright color combinations sure to stand out in any crowd. Plus, premium chiffon fabric adds an elegant touch while keeping you comfortable throughout the festivities! So get ready to dazzle the crowd in this breathtaking Anarkali Frock Suit while celebrating any special event with elegance and grace!

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