Embroidered Organza – Mehrbano


Brand: Akbar Aslam
Collection: Mastani Wedding Formals 23


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Ideal Wedding Wear Solutions in Pakistani Culture

Pakistani wedding wear is a traditional clothing code that features beautiful embroidery, pearls, sequins and sequins to create stunning and fashionable garments for wedding ceremonies in Pakistan. Wedding attire has long been associated with culture in Pakistani society; Akbar Aslam of Mastani wedding formals 23 is among those known for designing stunning apparel like MEHRBANO (designed by Akbar Aslam for Mastani wedding formals 23), which will be discussed herein– its fabric, dress style, colours and features and how perfect MEHRBANO can be for Pakistani wedding formals 23. This post will cover everything about MEHRBANO that makes this dress ideal for Pakistani wedding events!

MEHRBANO is a traditional shalwar kameez featured in the Mastani Wedding Formals 23 collection and has become immensely popular across Pakistani weddings. Comprising three components – kameez, dupatta, and trousers – this dress provides lightweight elegance while looking beautiful under any lighting condition. The Organza fabric used for its kameez provides a transparent yet delicate texture, while the Peach colour enhances its beauty further.

Kameez’s details are what set it apart. From its organza hand-embellished front and back panels to the front border featuring intricate hand-embellished stitching techniques to create exquisite front border designs. Each detail makes this kameez an exceptional work of art!

MEHRBANO’s dupatta features small floral patterns throughout its fabric. Crafted with grip fabric for an elegant texture that makes this dress stand out. Four-sided borders of sequins and samosa laces add beauty and charm to the design. In contrast, colours such as Peach or multi-colour designs further complement its beauty.

MEHRBANO trousers are made from grip fabric with an elegant sequin lace border for an eye-catching finish and design feature. Their wide width makes them suitable for Pakistani wedding ceremonies, while the Peach hue of their fabric enhances the overall beauty of their dress.

Akbar Aslam‘s MEHRBANO from the Mastani Wedding Formals 23 collection is an exquisite wedding gown for Pakistani women. Elegant, beautiful, and with exquisite details that look fantastic both under low light or bright light conditions – it’s vibrant colours and striking designs on kameez, dupatta, and trousers combine into an attractive and charming ensemble, as do its unique features and materials used throughout its creation – making this piece from Akbar Aslam an excellent option to stand out on one’s big day!

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