Embroidered Linen – MPT-2003-B


Brand: Maria. B
Collection: M.Prints Winter Collection 23
Shirt Fabric: Linen
Dupatta Fabric: Linen


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Step into winter with style and flair in Maria B impeccable MPT-2003-B ensemble from the M.Prints Winter Collection 23. This stunning piece of art will have heads turning and jaws dropping with captivating charm. Fusing modernity and tradition, this ensemble is for women who want to make a statement and be the center of attention.

Let’s dive into the details. 

This dress’s Kameez, or shirt, features elegant and intricate embroidery that will immediately catch your eye. The linen fabric adds a touch of luxury, and the attention to detail in the embroidery makes it a true masterpiece. Adding sophistication to your look is the exquisite embroidered Patti.

Now, let’s talk about the dupatta. 

Crafted with the softest Linen fabric, it gracefully drapes over your shoulders. The chic printed shawl design perfectly complements the elegant kameez. And remember the beautiful purple hue, adding even more charm to the ensemble.

But that’s not all.

 The MPT-2003-B features small pearls, tassels, and shuttle lace, enhancing its appeal. The pearls add elegance, the tassels bring a playful touch, and the shuttle lace showcases impeccable attention to detail and quality.

The trousers complete the outfit, dyed to match the kameez. The design and embroidery on the trousers perfectly complement the overall look.

Crafted with the finest quality linen fabric, the kameez, trousers, and dupatta are vibrant purple. The intricate embroidery and fine fabric make this ensemble a must-have for winter.

In conclusion, the MPT-2003-B from Maria B’s M.Prints Winter Collection 23 is a true beauty that combines the best of traditional and contemporary fashion. It’s the perfect ensemble to make others envious of your striking look. With its embellishments, choice of colors, and quality fabric, it’s a must-have in your winter wardrobe. Embrace the season with grace and finesse, and leave others mesmerized by your effortless style.