Embroidered Linen – MPT-2004-A


Brand: Maria. B
Collection: M.Prints Winter Collection 23
Shirt Fabric: Linen
Dupatta Fabric: Linen


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Introducing Maria B M.Prints Winter Collection 23 – the epitome of elegance and style! Prepare to be a fashionista with our standout piece, MPT-2004-A, a stunning Shalwar Kameez. This dress features intricate embroidery, dyed linen fabric, and a fabulous printed shawl. It’s the ultimate outfit for any social gathering!

Let’s dive into the details. 

The Kameez steals the show with its beautiful embroidered linen center panel, combining rust-colored embroidery with a vibrant orange fabric for an exquisite look. The back, side panels, sleeves, and trousers are all crafted from a dyed linen fabric that perfectly complements the front embroidery. And let’s remember the embroidered Patti on the sleeves, taking the dress to a new level of beauty. This Kameez effortlessly blends elegance and style, perfect for evenings with friends or wedding ceremonies.

Now, the Dupatta. 

It’s a showstopper on its own. A stunning printed shawl with a gorgeous multicolor palette and intricate designs. Made from comfortable linen fabric, it’s the perfect accessory for this Kameez. The rust-colored embroidery on the Kameez is beautifully echoed in the tones of this Dupatta, tying the whole outfit together in a fashion-forward way.

We must remember the embellishments! 

The MPT-2004-A is adorned with tassels, shuttle lace, and small pearls, adding an extra touch of beauty. These unique details set Maria B. apart – fine-quality materials and expert embroidery that truly stand out.

Let’s talk trousers. 

Made from the same dyed linen fabric in the gorgeous rust shade, these trousers complete the symmetrical and balanced look of the entire outfit. The fabric is light and comfortable, ensuring freedom of movement without any restrictions.

Our color and fabric details 

Are on point. The Kameez trousers and Dupatta are all made from high-quality linen fabric, providing comfort and luxury. The vibrant orange Kameez and Trousers contrast beautifully against the stunning embroidered rust palette. And the multicolored Dupatta adds an extra pop of color to finish the fashion-forward look.

In conclusion, the MPT-2004-A is a must-have from Maria B M.Prints Winter Collection 23. It’s all about intricate embroidery, exquisite design, and premium fabric. This dress is the perfect choice whether it’s a casual outing or a special occasion. It reflects the impeccable quality and craftsmanship that Maria B. is renowned for. With tassels, shuttle lace, and small pearls, this dress exudes sheer elegance and will make you feel confident and chic. Get your hands on this fashion-forward, trendy, and sophisticated wardrobe staple.