Embroidered Printed Linen – MPT-2007-B


Brand: Maria. B
Collection: M.Prints Winter Collection 23
Shirt Fabric: Printed Linen
Dupatta Fabric: Printed Linen


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Introducing Maria B M.Prints Winter Collection 23 – the must-have MPT-2007-B Shalwar Kameez! This graceful dress will illuminate your winter season in style. With a stunning teal palette and exquisite embroidery, prepare to look and feel luxurious. But wait, there’s more! The linen Dupatta brings excitement with playful prints, tassels, shuttle lace, and small pearls that take your outfit to the next level.

Say hello to the perfect Shalwar Kameez:

The MPT-2007-B is a stunning dress suitable for any occasion – casual or formal. It flatters your silhouette, offering both style and comfort. The printed linen shirt and matching dyed linen trousers epitomize elegance and can confidently showcase your curves.

Let’s dive into the enchanting details:

The Kameez is made from durable and comfortable linen fabric. The beautiful blue color adds an extra touch of charm. The embroidered sleeve patch, neck Patti, and sleeve Patti create a captivating contrast, showcasing intricate detailing that sets this dress apart.

The Dupatta steals the show:

The multicolored Dupatta is made of linen fabric and adds a whimsy to your outfit. The playful print catches everyone’s eye. And with tassels, shuttle lace, and small pearls, you’ll be turning heads wherever you go.

Embellishments made to perfection:

The dress’s Tassels, Shuttle lace, and small pearls create a unique and sophisticated look. The small pearls add elegance, while the shuttle lace adds a touch of refinement to your ensemble.

Say hello to perfect trousers:

The matching blue-dyed linen trousers perfectly complement the Kameez. The straight fit provides a slim look and maximum comfort.

Quality and sophistication combined:

The MPT-2007-B dress ensures long-lasting durability with its high-quality fabrics. It’s designed to flatter your body; the perfect fit accentuates your figure. The blue color shines, especially with the eye-catching Dupatta prints. This dress adds a touch of class and elegance to your wardrobe for any occasion – casual or formal.

Colorful and comfortable:

The refreshing color palette of the dress adds sophistication. The blue Kameez and Trousers bring elegance. At the same time, the multicolored Dupatta adds versatility and fun to your outfit.

High-quality fabric for maximum comfort:

The Maria B MPT-2007-B is made from top-notch linen fabric. The Kameez, Trousers, and Dupatta ensure utmost comfort and are easy to maintain.

In conclusion, the Maria B MPT-2007-B Shalwar Kameez is a fascinating winter essential. The innovative design, high-quality linen fabric, intricate embroidery, and charming embellishments make it a standout piece. The vibrant Dupatta adds versatility, making it suitable for any occasion. Elevate your style and make a statement with this must-have fashion-forward dress. Take advantage of the MPT-2007-B – it’s perfect for those seeking high-quality, trendy designs.