Embroidered Valvet- N23-04


Brand: Sobia Nazir
Fabric: Valvet
Collection: Nur Collection 2023


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Sobia Nazir Nur Collection 2023: N23-04 Is Ideal for Pakistani Weddings and Festive Occasions

Pakistani weddings and festive occasions would only be complete with traditional shalwar kameez outfits. Sobia Nazir’s Nur Collection 2023 offers you exquisite Pakistani dresses. This blog post will shed light on one of these dresses: N23-04 from Nur Collection 2023. Its gorgeous black velvet kameez, intricate embroidery panels on either side and exquisite sequin work on its dupatta will surely set you apart from the crowd!

The N23-04 dress style features an embellished embroidered neck patch, center panel, and side panels with intricately detailed embroidery work, making this an elegant and sophisticated outfit suitable for traditional Pakistani occasions. Additionally, its embellished sleeves and embellished sleeves border add charm and beauty.

The dupatta is composed of organza and features intricate embroidery lines. Additionally, its four-side borders boast sequin and scallop lacework for added regal flair, with tassels hanging off each corner for added visual impact.

This trouser features intricately embroidered lines throughout its width. Crafted from black velvet fabric, the trouser matches both the kameez and dupatta for an ensemble that looks complete.

The N23-04 dress style features an aesthetically pleasing color code in which black can be found throughout its components – kameez, trousers, and dupatta are all black – creating a striking outfit ideal for winter weddings and festive events.

The N23-04 dress style’s luxurious velvet fabric provides a soft comfort that lasts through any event, while its intricate details set it apart from its competition. Wearers will feel right at home with this must-have attire!


Sobia Nazir’s N23-04 from her Nur Collection 2023 is an elegant traditional shalwar kameez that makes an eye-catching statement at Pakistani weddings and festive occasions. It features black velvet trousers paired with an organza dupatta featuring sequin work and tassels; both pieces combine beautifully for an eye-catching ensemble that won’t overstuff you in comfort but style! For any woman seeking timeless design and intricate details that stand out in a crowd, Sobia Nazir’s Nur Collection 2023 has something special just for them – behold its timeless designs!


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