Embroidered Lawn – Nane MS24-562


Brand: Maryum N Maria
Collections: Luxury Lawn 24
Fabric: Embroidered Lawn


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Welcome to a world where fashion meets tradition, and elegance is woven into every thread. The Nane MS24-562 by Maryum N Maria is not just an outfit; it’s an experience that transports you to the heart of the luxury lawn. Designed for the discerning Pakistani and Indian ladies residing in the UK, this masterpiece is a testament to timeless beauty and contemporary style. Let’s unravel the essence of this enchanting ensemble that promises to make every moment memorable.

The Essence of Luxury Lawn

The Nane MS24-562 emerges from our Luxury Lawn collection, a realm where elation and elegance dance together under the summer sun. This collection brings to life a mosaic of floral motifs and lively prints, all set against a palette that sings summer songs. It’s a heartfelt ambience where the timeless grace of traditional wear seamlessly merges with the whispering tales of nature’s unbridled beauty.

The Symphony of the Shirt

At the heart of Nane MS24-562 lies its shirt – a canvas of wood violet that dreams are made of. Crafted from the finest lawn, the shirt boasts an embroidered front that tells stories of floral fantasies. The back is still intact, with embroidery that complements its counterpart, ensuring that your elegance is a 360-degree affair. The sleeves, adorned with intricate patterns and an embroidered Patti, add a touch of sophistication that’s hard to miss.

But that’s not all. The daman of the shirt features an embroidered Patti that gracefully anchors the ensemble, while the back neck, crafted from organza, adds a layer of delicate allure. It’s a shirt that doesn’t just dress you; it adorns you in the essence of summer.

The Whispers of the Dupatta

What’s a Pakistani outfit without its dupatta? The Nane MS24-562 answers this with its breathtaking organza dupatta. Embroidered and embellished with a two-side Pallu Patti, it’s a piece that captures the essence of elegance and drapes you in its mesmerizing charm. The organza fabric ensures a flow as graceful as the summer breeze, making you the epitome of poise and grace.

The Harmony of the Trouser

To complement the shirt and the dupatta, the ensemble is completed with a dyed trouser made from the finest cotton. It’s comfort and style woven together, ensuring that your every step is as comfortable as it is stylish. The trouser is a testament to the belief that true luxury lies in comfort.

Crafted by Maryum N Maria

Behind this masterpiece is the renowned brand Maryum N Maria, synonymous with high-end Pakistani fashion. Known for their commitment to quality and an eye for detail, each piece from their Luxury Lawn ’24 collection is a work of art. The Nane MS24-562 is no exception, embodying the brand’s ethos of blending traditional aesthetics with modern design principles.

For the Pakistani and Indian Ladies in the UK

The Nane MS24-562 is designed considering the tastes and preferences of Pakistani and Indian ladies living in the UK. It understands the longing for a piece of home and the desire to blend tradition with the contemporary British lifestyle. Whether it’s a festive gathering, a family get-together, or a casual day out, this ensemble promises to be your companion, making you stand out in every crowd.

Why Choose Nane MS24-562?

In a world of fleeting fashion, the Nane MS24-562 stands as a beacon of timeless elegance. Its intricate embroidery, combined with the choice of fabric and colour, makes it a must-have in your wardrobe. It’s not just an outfit; it’s a statement of grace, tradition, and contemporary chic.

The Perfect Fit for Every Occasion

Whether it’s Eid, Diwali, a wedding, or any celebratory event, the Nane MS24-562 is versatile enough to fit every occasion. It’s an ensemble that elevates your presence, ensuring all eyes are on you.

A Testament to Quality

With Maryum N Maria’s commitment to quality, you can rest assured that the Nane MS24-562 is perfectly crafted. From the fabric to the embroidery, every detail is meticulously looked after, ensuring that what you wear is extraordinary.

A Touch of Home

For those Pakistani and Indian ladies in the UK, the Nane MS24-562 is more than just an outfit. It’s a reminder of home, a piece that connects you to your roots while embracing the world you’re in. It’s a celebration of your heritage, worn with pride and elegance.

Embrace Elegance with Nane MS24-562

The Nane MS24-562 by Maryum N Maria is not just a dress; it’s a journey into the heart of luxury lawn, where tradition meets contemporary style in a symphony of elegance. It’s an ensemble that speaks volumes, crafted for those who understand that fashion expresses self. So, if you’re in the UK and looking to add a touch of Pakistani and Indian elegance to your wardrobe, look no further. The Nane MS24-562 is here to weave its magic, making every moment a celebration of grace and beauty.