Embroidered Organza – Nora


Brand: Zainab Chottani
Collection: Wedding Festive 23


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Introducing Nora: The Ultimate Maxi Suit for the Fashion-Forward Woman!

Looking for a stunning outfit that will make heads turn at weddings and formal events? Look no further than Zainab Chottani Wedding Festive 23 collection. Meet Nora, the epitome of sophistication and panache.

Nora is not your average maxi suit. 

It’s a masterpiece designed to leave a lasting impression. Nora will make you stand out with its classic yet intricate embroidered details. The dress features an embellished neckline, beautifully complementing the overall design. The front center panel is made from perfectly embroidered organza, adding an extra touch of elegance. The side panels, sleeves, and back also showcase intricate embroidery on organza fabric. Delicately embroidered borders combine all the elements, while the embroidered sleeves’ borders provide the finishing touch. But that’s not all – Nora also features a unique embroidered joining lace that differentiates it from other maxi suits.

Embellished to Perfection:

Nora is adorned with sequins, embroidered patches, patti, and embroidered joining lace, giving it a regal and luxurious look perfect for your special occasion. Our designers handpicked these lavish embellishments to ensure they perfectly complement Nora’s design.

Dupatta Details:

What’s a black maxi suit without a stunning dupatta? Nora’s dupatta is made from organza fabric, adding sophistication and glamour to your look. You will stand out at any event with intricate embroidery on the dupatta pallu. The embroidered dupatta perfectly matches the dress’s colour, tying the whole look together.

Trouser Fabric:

We believe that comfort is just as important as style. That’s why Nora’s trousers are made from raw silk fabric. Not only does it have a rich texture that exudes luxury, but it also fits perfectly, allowing you to move quickly throughout the event.

Timeless Color Palette:

Nora comes in classic black – the epitome of sophistication for any formal event. Black can elevate any outfit, and Nora is no exception. The dupatta comes in a beautiful pink shade, adding a pop of colour and making the dress even more alluring.

Luxurious Fabric Details:

We carefully selected organza for Nora’s maxi and dupatta fabric. This lightweight fabric not only adds a unique texture but also withstands the test of time. Paired with the raw silk trousers, Nora is a dress you’ll treasure for years.

In conclusion, Nora is the must-have Pakistani maxi for any fashion-forward woman. With its exquisite design, intricate embroidery, and elegant embellishments, it stands out from the crowd. Comfortable, stylish, and attention-grabbing, Nora complements your natural beauty and ensures you’re the star of any special occasion. Get ready to turn heads and make a statement with Nora!