Embroidered Center Panel – Purple DL-1108


Brand: Maria. B
Shirt Fabric: Embroidered Center Panel
Collection: Linen Collection 2023


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Indulge in the elegance of Purple DL-1108 by Maria B, a remarkable creation that exudes luxury and sophistication. Steeped in tradition and enhanced with modern touches, this dress perfectly blends heritage and contemporary styles. This exquisite dress showcases a vibrant purple colour that adds a touch of royalty to your wardrobe.


The shirt is a masterpiece, featuring an embroidered centre panel, side panels, and sleeves. The intricate embroidery work accurately represents Pakistani heritage, and its vibrant colours enhance the beauty of the dress. The back is dyed in the same purple shade, creating a complete look that is both fascinating and mesmerizing. The twill linen fabric used to make the shirt is of premium quality, offering extended durability and comfort.


The dyed trousers complement the shirt perfectly, providing a complete look that is fascinating and flawless. The trousers are made from lightweight, breathable, and lightweight linen fabric, offering maximum comfort and ease of movement. The purple shade of the trousers harmonizes with the shirt, producing a graceful and regal look that embodies fashion.


The dress is accompanied by a yarn-dyed woven shawl that binds the outfit together. The woven shawl is a perfect complement, reflecting traditional Pakistani culture and artistry. Its elegant purple colour matches impeccably with the dress, creating a bold, beautiful, and breathtaking ensemble.

Maria B:

Maria B is a brand that has become synonymous with sophistication and elegance, and this dress is another testament to its commitment to excellence. They have used the finest quality materials and a blend of traditional and modern styles to create an exquisite and unparalleled garment. The Purple DL-1108 dress is a part of their Linen Collection 2023, showcasing their incessant efforts to keep up with the latest fashion trends.


In conclusion, the Purple DL-1108 dress by Maria B is a testament to the traditional artistry of Pakistani fashion, enhanced with modern touches. Its vibrant purple colour and intricate embroidery make it an enchanting outfit suitable for any occasion. The dress is intended for Pakistani ladies living in the UK, and its lustrous look and feel make it a perfect addition to their wardrobes. The dress’s lively, trendy, and enthusiastic tone of voice mirrors the excitement that this dress would bring to one’s wardrobe. Indulge in the elegance of Maria B’s Purple DL-1108 dress and elevate your fashion game to new heights.