Embroidered Masoori – Rangoli ANB-01


Brand: Asifa Nabeel
Embroidered Masoori
Collection: Barasti Festive 23


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As the festive season approaches, Pakistani ladies in the UK look for the perfect ensemble that combines tradition and modernity, elegance and comfort, uniqueness and affordability. Look no further than Rangoli ANB-01 by Asifa Nabeel. This stunning outfit embodies the festive grandeur of the Barasti collection and adds its contemporary twist.

Design and Fabric:

Rangoli ANB-01 features a fusion of embroidered sequined printed masoor for both front and back, creating an intricate and vibrant pattern that reflects rangolis’ beautiful colours and textures. The masoori fabric adds a delicate and light feel to the outfit, while the embroidery and sequin work add depth and richness.

The front and back body of the outfit are also adorned with embroidered sequined daman patti in two different colours: yellow and pink. The daman patti adds a trendy touch to the traditional long shirt style, creating a contrast and a border that enhances the overall effect.

The sleeves of Rangoli ANB-01 are

  • a work of art in themselves,
  • featuring embroidered sequined printed masoor that match the front and back, and
  • a delicate border of sequined satin in pink.

The sleeves flow gracefully and add movement and grace to the outfit.

The dupatta of Rangoli ANB-01 is a digitally printed embroidered sequined masterpiece made of masonry fabric, featuring a unique and colourful design that perfectly complements the main outfit. The dupatta is large enough to be draped in various styles and light enough to be worn comfortably all day.

The trousers of Rangoli ANB-01 are made of dyed Indian raw silk, adding a touch of luxury and refinement to the outfit. The trousers come in a matching colour that blends seamlessly with the rest of the outfit.

Colour and Collection:

The colour scheme of Rangoli ANB-01 is predominantly orange, with a mix of pink and yellow accents. The orange represents joy, enthusiasm, and festivity and is popular in Pakistani culture. The pink and yellow accents contrast, making the outfit stand out even more.

Rangoli ANB-01 is part of the Barasti Festive 23 collection by Asifa Nabeel, which features ten unique designs, each embellished with beautiful, striking colours, fine tilla, and exquisite sequin work. The collection is inspired by the festive rangolis that adorn the homes and streets of Pakistan during special occasions and bring that beauty and charm to the fashion world.

Suitability and Style:

Rangoli ANB-01 is suitable for various festive occasions, such as Eid, weddings, parties, formal events, and gatherings. The outfit can be dressed up or down depending on the accessories and makeup and worn all year round.

The style of Rangoli ANB-01 is a fusion of tradition and trends, combining the timeless elegance of Pakistani fashion with modern twists and cuts that appeal to the younger generation. The outfit is comfortable and glamorous, making it perfect for Pakistani ladies living in the UK who want to stay true to their roots while embracing the multiculturalism and diversity of their new home.


In summary, Rangoli ANB-01 by Asifa Nabeel is a festive masterpiece Pakistani ladies in the UK would love to add to their wardrobe. The outfit features a unique and intricate design that blends tradition and trends and is made of high-quality fabrics and embellishments. The colour scheme, collection, suitability, and style of Rangoli ANB-01 make it a must-have for any festive occasion and a statement piece that reflects the beauty and richness of Pakistani culture.

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