Embroidered Silk – Relic Fossil


Brand: Cross Stitch
Collection: Wedding Festive 2023
Fabric: Silk


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Buy Cross Stitch Embroidered Silk Relic Fossil Dress In UK Now!

Add Cross Stitch RELIC FOSSIL Frock to your festive wardrobe to complete the look!

With the festive season fast approaching, now is the time to update your wardrobe with fashion’s hottest trends and stand out. For ladies seeking glamour and sophistication, Cross Stitch’s RELIC FOSSIL Frock from its Wedding Festive Collection should be on every Pakistani and Indian lady’s shopping list in the UK. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at its details so as not to overlook this must-have attire!

The RELIC FOSSIL Frock is an elegant, long-length dress perfect for any formal event. The front and back details feature an embroidered central panel, floral line panels, thick embroidered patches, shuttle lace borders, and shuttle lac on its edges; sleeves feature floral prints embellished with thick embroidered patches as well as tassels along their walls, while its hemline finishes off its elegance with thick embroidered patches on each corner – creating a visually striking and intricately designed frock that will make you feel like royalty! All these elements combine to create this visually stunning and intricately designed masterpiece that will make you feel like royalty on any special occasion!

RELIC FOSSIL Frock suit features a round neck style with keyhole details on its neckline for an elegant and sophisticated appearance. Both back neck styles also sport round neck styles for comfort while wearing.

Frocks cannot be complete without an elegant matching dupatta, and this organza embroidered dupatta adds the final touches to this ensemble. Crafted of silk-dyed fabric for comfort and longevity, its silk-dyed trouser completes this set perfectly. There is even an included dyed silk slip to ensure optimal fitting of this ensemble.

RELIC FOSSIL Frocks come in stunning green color that makes them suitable for any occasion, be it wedding wear, festive wear, or Eid wear. Organza fabric used for the Frock and Dupatta gives this look a luxurious look and feel, while silk trouser completes your watch and ensures you arrive at every event in style.


Cross Stitch’s RELIC FOSSIL Frock is an essential wardrobe addition for Pakistani and Indian ladies living in the UK who desire to add glamour and sophistication. The intricate design, attention to detail, vibrant green color, and overall quality craftsmanship of its 4-piece set ensure you will make a statement at any event you attend – not to mention feel elegant all night long! Don’t wait any longer; upgrade your wardrobe today by adding this fantastic piece!